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THE exactmoment when humans first walked the earth might have many interpretations.

Some believe that we came from either one of these three: first, as a mere by-product of evolutionary processes, slowly emerging from the sea and growing legs and so forth.

Then, emerging through a more complicated mesh of collective mumbo jumbo of facts and fiction which we conveniently file under the heading of “science”. (contention is, science nuts insist that this second suspected origin of the specie could swallow the evolution theory whole, but of course, the Darwin fans say nay.)

Third, last, and not to mention most popular, thanks to the backing and promotion of the church, is that we are all god-created carbon copies walking around.

In spite all these, or whichever way we originated from, entirely becomes less important because, the common thread present in all the three theories emerges as the most significant of all; that humans are not only sentient beings but gifted with intelligence as well.

Unfortunately, everything else flies south after this. In spite of all the progress that man had attained starting since the beginning, he/she can only be judged by what had been achieved at the present time, and the rest might as well be re-assigned as either milestones or clippings in the scrapbook of history.

As we do that, currents events around the world or all over a flat earth, will clearly reveal how we have collectively used our natural, scientific or god-given sentience and intelligence. In particular, a review of at least two to three years, including a coverage of this pandemic, leads one to pose, do we deserve rightful (or self-proclaimed) occupancy of this planet, and complete dominance thereof over its other supposed-lesser inhabitants?

It just seems so transparent that the justifications for whatever act that we have rained down on the earth had to either be religious, cultural, racial or daftly explained as just falling under as being scientific. In the same breath, we like to use mother nature as part of our defense in whatever logical farce or fallacy that we have created in any of our agenda.

To put all these in perspective, one has only to read or listen to the countless voices and opinions flooding all media at present regarding covid, the vaccine, how authentic are both. Include the many other conspiracies that have sprung because of them. The consequent groundswell magnified as a result have not only divided ordinary people but even people in governments as well who, to make it worse, are armed with policy. In turn, the lives lost to the pandemic are just casually relegated as acceptable, or worst in some instances, discreetly swept under the rug. Through all these, the poem of kendrew lascelles rings true:

“When all the laughter dies in sorrow, and the tears have risen to a flood,
When all the wars have found a cause, in human wisdom and in blood.
Do you think they’ll cry in sadness,
Do you think the eye will blink,
Do you think they’ll curse the madness,
Do you even think they’ll think.

When all the great galactic systems
Sigh to a frozen halt in space,
Do you think there will be some remnant of beauty of the human race?
Do you think there will be a vestige,
Or a sniffle or a cosmic tear?
Do you think a greater thinking thing
Will give a damn that man was here?

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