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HONORING MY MOTHER | Whistlings in the dark




THERE is a version of the legend about Weeping Willows that tells of a crying woman, while awaiting the return of a lost lover, stayed too long by a lake that she eventually grew roots and her hair slowly transformed into drooping branches with their leaves that kissing the waters.

At least, two details in this tale, her long hair and her waiting, are the only ones relatable when applied to this happy account that I am about to tell you of my family.

Because of the quarantine, it had become necessary to postpone (or totally scrap) some activities from everyone’s calendar.

As it has now been over a year of continued quarantine, understandably something has got to give, and we’ve all got to look for whatever stretch is out there somewhere, just within the legal bounds, that is.

So, the past months have become a period of waiting for a break in the clouds. While the first months of lockdown in 2020 started with overly strict measures which had been prone to some misinterpretation in their implementation in some areas, gradually the contagion appeared to wane and thus, the protocols were slowly loosened. With it, access to near-normal daily chores became possible for a while.

A wedding in the family, no matter how one looks at it, is one special celebration that is best shared with friends and loved ones.

The compromise therefore that one has to put up with during this time of lockdown and uncertainty, is in itself as trying as any other actual activity out there where social distancing is strictly the norm. For one thing, the ordeal includes a city regulation which strictly dictates that it on occasions such as weddings, only a maximum of 25 people would be allowed.

This measure of course meant that, dividing evenly the participation of family and friends between bride and groom becomes a bit tricky, considering our peoples’ penchant for big gatherings. In the end however with clever planning , that had been hurdled quite easily, as both parties understood the present situation, and made do with the virtual facilities that were available.

In spite of that, the need to share the celebration of a union of two families, still needed to be sated. As such, another reunion of sorts, this time for those who were not able to come to the actual marital ceremony and the reception was finally realized on a weekend.

Despite quarantine, this may be the stretch right here, and it’s actually a far cry from the earlier reference to a sad tale about weeping willows in the beginning. While that may have started this article going, it ends here, with a mention further that it’s just included because it’s my favorite tree.

As for the reference to long hair, almost all my nephews in the reunion now sport long hair as a result of lockdown. Nothing serious.

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