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WE ARE a sucker for romance and love stories. This February, I want to feature couples at different stages in their journey so we can learn not just about falling in love but also staying in love for a lifetime!

Meet Josh, a double bass player of UP Symphony Orchestra and the band 3rd Avenue, and Gina.

I thought I was happy being single turning 33 in 2015. I was living out of my passion for performing music and earning from it. A friend invited me to his wedding in Davao that I wanted to turn down, as it meant paying for my way and saying no to some gigs. But I found myself securing an airplane ticket. Little did I know I would be meeting my future wife Gina, who happened to be one of the bridesmaids and best friend of the bride.

After the wedding, I joined a group of those in the entourage to Samal island. In the afternoon, I enjoyed floating on the water, and I recognized Gina was swimming too. I started a conversation, and it seemed time flew fast as we seemed to connect.

I noticed Gina’s beauty. I also felt we could talk about almost anything. I particularly asked her two questions and her answers impressed me: The first was, “2 of your best friends are now married, you are the only one left single, how do you feel about being left out?” Gina replied: “I am secure where I am right now, God’s timing is perfect and He holds my future.”

I felt her peace as she meant every word. The second question was if their organization allows them to marry someone outside (as couples usually serve together). I vividly remember her expression telling me she believes not all godly men are in CCC.

As I walked towards our hut, a guy named Roel approached me. To my amazement, he encouraged me to pursue Gina, highlighted Gina’s strengths, and gave compelling reasons why I should pursue her!

In Manila, I added Roel, Gina, and other new friends I met in Davao to my FB account. Roel sent me a message asking how I was doing and if I contacted Gina. Being a melancholic person, I tend to think and not act at all. Roel was instrumental in “pushing” me to pursue Gina.

I was delighted to know Gina was responsive when I messaged her. I learned that she was Manila-bound and would be staying just two blocks from where I lived! I told her I would “treat” her to dinner when she arrives. On our first date “treat,” I continued my probing, as I had my wish list of qualities I was looking for in a wife. The more I listened, the more I was convinced she was the real deal! After our dinner, I accompanied her home.

Suddenly, I blurted out: “If it is okay with you, would you prayerfully consider asking for God’s direction for us, with marriage in mind?” Gina seemed surprised and confused, but I was more flabbergasted by what I just said.

She asked for clarification and I was astonished she said YES! I learned later that Gina took my proposal seriously and even fasted for a week to seek God’s will for her.

I asked Gina for her parents’ number and asked for their permission and blessing to court Gina. In time she gave me a YES! As months passed by, I realized I didn’t have enough savings, “Ang lakas ng loob ko magyaya magpakasal, wala pala akong pera.”

But again I was amazed that money came in time to pay for our wedding suppliers. The Lord provided for all our needs! There is a saying: “Love is blind and marriage is an eye-opener.” I’m glad we got married right away! Kung hindi baka nauntog pa si Gina. As for me, my eyes are more opened. Gina to this day never ceases to amaze me with her beauty, hard work, resourcefulness, and most importantly her love for the Lord and compassion for others.

(Note: Joshua & Gina are now Davao-based and Josh teaches bass guitar lessons online -joshroyeca@gmail.com)

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