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ROUGH CUTS | Killing people as a ‘profession’




AS OF Tuesday, January 26, the total number of CoViD 19 cases in the whole of Mindanao already reached 45,406 with some 1,760 deaths.

From this number, Davao City still has the highest both in terms of accumulated cases and in terms of mortality. The city’s total infection for the last ten months is about eleven thousand with fatalities of more than five hundred people.

We can only hope that the new tact of the mayor to fully make use of the city’s QR code system of tracking down people who could end up potential victims of transmission will work.

Pending the arrival of the vaccine against the virus only the people’s compliance of the various safety protocols including the acquisition of QR code and allowing authorities to have it monitored, we believe will be the only guaranteed process towards our safety.


We have no doubt that these days killing people is now made by some criminals a profession whereby they are using their diabolic act as the trade they practice for a fee. They now would not mind if the target of their criminal act is a “man of the cloth” or simple streetwalker for as long as they get paid in accordance with an agreed “professional fee.”

For example in certain areas, some of these criminals become employees of government but whose mean responsibility is to do away with people who are considered enemies of the state or of the one on top. And they collect their monthly pay like all other regular workers of the establishment.

There are also others who operate legitimate or most often shadowy organizations accepting contracts to do this and that liquidation of certain personalities prescribing the price based on the status of the would-be victim in the community or the difficulty of perpetrating the crime on the target.

One of the heinous acts perpetrated by some of these criminals doing their job as a “profession” was the killing of a priest in Malaybalay, Bukidnon early this week. Yes, they did it to Fr.

Rene Regalado for still undetermined reason or reasons. The killers or the one who hired their services must really have a major axe to grind again Fr. Regalado. For certain the criminals must have “cased” the victim or that their patrons must have briefed them on the circumstances of their target.

r before he was finally killed.

In other words in the Fr. Regalado’s caseYet, it would now appear that they did the crime just the same even knowing their victim was a servant of God. And somehow, the criminals’ anger or that of their client’s had been manifested on the manner that the priest was killed.

Fr. Regalado, according to police reports, was not only shot which was enough to snap his p life. There were indications on his body that he was tortured and made to suffer the killers could only have followed the instruction of their principal on what should be done on the priest before his life will eventually be snapped out. And in all likelihood, their asking price for a “professional fee” must be large.

Whatever was the motive of the principal, or call it the mastermind, in having the priest liquidated must be compelling, and that the compliance of the killers to his instructions must have given him the satisfaction in his life.

But we wonder if he can still have a peaceful night’s sleep for the rest of his life on earth. He is now more criminal than those whom he or they have hired to undertake the job.


We don’t know if the victims of the Ponze-like money scam perpetrated by one of many similar organizations would agree that finally they get the justice they want with the conviction of the leader of the scammer organization, the Rigen Investment, inc.

Early this week a court rendered its decision on the cases filed against the founder. He was found guilty of large scale estafa and was sentenced to a minimum of ten to a maximum of 12 years imprisonment. Isn’t it peanut as a sentence considering his many victims and the amount his firm had gypped from them?

We are saying that it may not be the type of justice the victims want. Because they know that they will not be able to get back the money they have entrusted to the organization in the hope that it will earn for them huge returns. But of course they cannot escape being blamed for their misfortune also.

The victims already knew that there were similar cases of supposedly quick money earning ventures in the past and ended up in limbo. But still their desire to earn more money the fastest way, they gambled on the proposition of the scammers. So, their sorry fate.

May be it would help the victims’ quest for real justice if the rest of the accountable officials of Rigen will finally fall in the hands of the authorities. And more so if the officers of other similar Ponze style scams will eventually be arrested and for those in the hands of the law be convicted for their crimes.

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