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HABITUAL gamblers have become overly desperate these days that they have tried every gambling way possible so they could just release their urge to gamble. And it seems the police authorities are also doing everything to run after them, rightly or wrongly.

Remember the many illegal cockfights being raided and the aficionados hauled to the police headquarters and either fined or detained? Recently in Agusan del Norte, the police did not spare a spider fight in their raid. Bet monies have been confiscated and the spiders were taken by policemen. Hopefully, they have returned them to the wilds so that they may live.

But what is this we hear that fines and bails are paid in police offices only; that the offenders are told they are supposed to pay P60,000 in bail or fines of this and that much but settled to certain amounts without clear documentation and then freedom?

Are not bails to be paid in the proper courts after the specific amount is determined by the court and are to be in the custody of a proper office? And what about the fines? Where should it be paid? Are there police officials in every police station who is fully deputized by the City Government to collect the fines and issue proper receipts of the payment?

We believe there is a need both for the courts and the local governments to educate the people on this matter. If not, some unscrupulous men might now maybe enjoying the opportunity to make big yet easy money.

We do not believe this is too big a request for the people’s good. Is it gentlemen and ladies?


We do not know why Davao City has not been able to extricate itself from the list of Top 5 places of contributors of new COVID-19 cases in the country for the last many weeks when we are aware the city leadership has been crafting measures to arrest the infection rate.

There was a day when we did not find the name of our city in the Top 5 and we were so elated that finally, we are out of the unpleasant list. But the day after we were back with some kind of vengeance. We were on top again with triple digit cases.

Very sad because Davao City has the honor to be the most developed of Mindanao cities. And the Presidents comes from here.

So we cannot help but think that it is either, the city’s civic and health officials are not doing enough or, perhaps, approaching it the wrong way; or that this time we Davaoenos now are more deserving of the President’s description of ”mga suberbiyos,” not the Cebuanos. But of course, many Davaoenos hail from Cebu. It is one indisputable fact. Cebu City once held the dubious distinction of the number one fastest infection rate of COVID until the President intervened.

Now, should we be happy for our city’s rather unsavory and non-enviable position to be always in the Top 5 of the COVID-19 producers list?


Shortly after Christmas, the police confiscated some P6.8 million of shabu during a buy-bust operation somewhere in Mindanao. The gall of these illegal drugs traders. They knew beforehand they are trading dangerous merchandise. But it appears that their desire for big money is somewhat lording over them.

So, despite the huge risks, they still do it because maybe for them it is one job they have to do in exchange for their luxurious way of life, or that engaging into it is a matter of “life and death” for them or any member of their families.

But the big question is; how come the police authorities have never tracked down the main source of the illegal drugs? How come that the supplies are unending and that despite the reported huge volume of confiscation there seems no end to the dangerous trade, deaths and loss of stocks notwithstanding?

Now, we can’t blame some people to cast their doubtful eyes on some law enforcement agencies as the top protectors of those in the drug trade. We hope that the good ones will finally catch them in the bowl, the sooner the better. Or, they’ll be the perpetual laughing stock.


Finally, our New Year’s greetings to our readers including those who may strongly disagree with our thoughts. Happy and Prosperous New Year to you. Let’s keep agreeing and disagreeing. After all, that is the best element in a democracy like ours.

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