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ROUGH CUTS | The ambivalence and the rule




Vic N. Sumalinog

WE have it from FaceBook that Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte –Carpio is extending the curfew and liquor ban mandates until 2021.

The FaceBook post quoted the mayor herself in a supposed interview over Disaster Radio. Apparently it is true.

Well, at this time when there is no certainty whether the pandemic will subside, there definitely is nothing wrong with the extension.

Only, that it will also extend the rampant violation by many Davaoenos of the curfew and the illegal trade of all kinds of intoxicating liquid perpetuated by some businessmen who claim to have the protection of law enforcers themselves.

It is a case of “biting the bullet”, the violators say. “We need to live, so we have to take risks.” How do we argue with that kind of reasoning?


And here is this HR boss in a famous local inland resort who is barely a few weeks in the service. We learned that this HR boss comes from Mati, Davao Oriental.

Is it true that this boss is really showing power of the position? This boss dictates as if everything he/she says is right. Now the resort which only re-opened recently because of the restrictions under a pandemic regime is losing a number of its original and loyal people who helped it through thick and thin of times.

It is time our friend in that resort, one of the owners actually, should review the credentials of this person. If she won’t, one day her firm will be dragged into the Department of Labor for some infractions.

One example of the bossy character of this HR top honcho is his/her scolding of employees even in front of so many customers. Is it not demeaning one’s dignity?


It now appears that our very own Davao City has not been able to extricate itself from the ignominious circle of Top 5 in the list of places where new Covid 19 cases are found every day for the past many weeks?

And sadly the President appears hesitant to do some interventions unlike what he did in Cebu City where he sent DENR boss Sec. Roy Cimatu to craft measures to arrest the rising tide of CoViD 19 infections. And Cebu can’t be found now in the Top 5 list of the DOH.

We can vividly remember the word used by the President in describing the Cebuanos. They are “suberbiyo” So their fate.
Now what happens to Cebu since the presidential intervention? The cases there is on a one digit situation although the people are still practicing the minimum health protocols.

Or, should the move to get the President to intervene come from the local leadership? Is pride playing some role in the situation here?


Tomorrow, December 31, is the last day of 2020. But the CoViD 19 pandemic is certainly far from over. In fact some controversies of the vaccines which could help end the pandemic is getting to become another pandemic itself.

What with the ambivalence created by Presidential statements and what are being mouthed by regulators on the use of the vaccine?

On one hand, the President is confirming that he has knowledge that some military personnel have been administered the vaccine coming from China and there is nothing illegal about it because “it is their own personal choice.”

On the other hand here comes the head of the regulating agency saying that before any vaccine can be given to any one, it has to pass the approval of the regulating agency.

And so far, only one vaccine manufacturer has applied with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency regulator. And it is not the manufacturer of the vaccine used on some military personnel.

So what do these contradicting statements make of the rule? Pray tell the people.

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