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HONORING MY MOTHER | Welcoming A New Christmas




IT IS worth sharing that the first people of the Americas always celebrated the month of December, particularly the time of the winter solstice, as a serious period for contemplation.

During this occasion, they considered it the most opportune moment for looking introspectively, and then deeply understanding that the time to pause and leave things as they are, has come, not only for man but for the earth as well.

In some parts of the world, celebrations of this kind reside in other cultures, though varied in circumstance. Nevertheless, all are one in the idea that we all need a degree of pause in our lives.

The root of this may be found in the element of gratitude, which often takes a shape and form closer to religious worship. This emotion we perceive as gratitude however does not mean repayment. On the contrary, it is animated, enduring and almost as old as the earth itself.

Indeed, there must have been ancient truth somewhat behind an 1823 poem which started with “T’was the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…”

What else can be said? In this time of Covid, the world must indeed pause, but this time for its own sake. A much deeper reflection demands that we not only ponder what should be the direction going forward in terms of survival but also consider how we could heal our earth as well.

The goodness in all, the decency of sharing, and the overwhelming empathy in the midst of chaos and negativity in the world, all may be worth noting at this year’s end. However, just to pause, even for a second, and look back at all the little steps that have brought us to where we are right now, at this very moment, whether to our benefit or not, could be the start of the rest and curing that we need.

Another important thing in this time of reflection is that all things must pass. That said, we should believe that the misfortune and pandemic we face, shall not last, and all they can ever do is stare us down for the moment.

Deep inside, especially at this season, in time with the resting of the earth, let’s be one with the ancients in believing that the universe is an ally, and it will do what’s best.

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