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WANDERLUST | ‘Amping Kita’ advocates for safe travel



The surgical mask began our journey into the new normal, unmasking the truth in the saying that “anything new is always uncomfortable.” But we have learned to live with it and smile from ear to ear
Let us not only keep ourselves and others protected by following the safety protocols but also keep our homes and places clean, inside and out

IN response of the national government’s initiative of reopening the economy after months of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Tourism Xl has created a campaign designed to promotes safe and responsible travel.

“There are local governments in Davao Region that has started to resuscitate their local tourism industry. To guide our local tourists and stakeholders alike, we created gentle reminders with our ‘Amping Kita’ campaign”, said DOT XI regional director Tanya Rabat-Tan.

“This is our response to the call of our regional tourism stakeholders to bring back travel confidence in the new normal. We also want to properly communicate our message of safe travel to the industry,” Tan said.

Wherever we are, whatever we do, wherever we go, Amping Kitá!

Initially, DOT Xl has posted e-posters and video teasers in its social media accounts, which aims to intimate inimizing of critical touch points in the traveler’s journey to restore confidence while keeping them enlightened, connected and safe.

A tourism video, along with other online and offline collaterals, will be rolled-out soon that will also support local tourism and promote pride of place.

According to Tan, their “Amping Kita” campaign embodies DOT XI’s proposition in the new normal, speaking of blessing and goodwill from one person to another or to a place, and vice versa.

“Amping” is popularly known to mean “take care” or “with care” in English. It also declares our identity and is, therefore, “more endearing, closer-to-heart and thoughtful”. “It is a phrase bundled with a silent prayer, hope and love. It is simple yet powerful and caring at the same time,” Tan added.

Health protocols to follow in Davao Region
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