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ANY image of an empty dinner table, be it inside a huge mansion, an ordinary bungalow, or in the simplest hut, will always invoke a certain kind of sadness.

For that matter, anything that had changed because of this covid 19 pandemic is now reduced to nothing but the pitiful present to a sadly-missed past. So far, this is the most I could go to rose-color this sit that we presently find ourselves in.

Just this morning early, there had been a gentle rap at the gate as I took out the trash. An old man in a battered bike had asked if I was in any way interested in buying his grinder.

That old man, I thought, a seasoned carpenter in the community, must now be in such a bind during this lockdown, that he’s finally willing to part with an important tool of his trade.

Sad. Especially when one thinks that, as you read the papers, dishonest businessmen and other creatures still abound, in the midst of these difficult times realized on everyone.

I can only imagine that we replicate this growing dilemma a thousand fold, as the financial crush resulting from this pandemic worsens. Worse, the first affected are the poor and the working class, as in the person of that old carpenter, and what a time to come, at Christmas!

I see it, feel it and even do it. wearing the mask of “alright alright, all is going right” in the faces and posts of practically everyone in social media and when facing the friendly neighbors across the street.

That is how we cope, whether we accept it or not. I also wonder, who else sees the slowly rising throb of depression within our ranks, and do we even consider this when we look out for love ones?

Then at times, when the walls seem to move closer and the temptation to fend for fam alone and forget the rest become strong like the force, what other sources of inspiration are there left standing for us? I’m certain that a majority among us would tick in ‘prayer’ first, with ‘acceptance’ as a close second.

Getting there. Still have to make my mind up with what way to tread on this one, but how about que sera sera? It may be easier said than done, but focus still works, and I’m particularly inclined on one aspect of mamba mentality: we’re all in this together.

I recall in one popular disaster movie, as the one hundred foot tsunami rushed closer to shore, all that the couple could do at the beach was embrace and wait for it.

Lastly, as a takeaway in all of this craziness suddenly happening all around us, it might be a healthy idea if we ask ourselves this: with 2021 at the door, what plans have we got for Christmas next year?

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