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Honoring My Mother | Reality bites

TO quote the philosopher-writer Ayn Rand, inasmuch as we would like to ignore reality, we cannot turn away from its consequences. In this case, we refer to the reality of the pandemic, which has sadly caused a rift among us all. While it is still a matter of opinion and respect for one’s beliefs, I still find it difficult to fathom why some could label coronavirus as a “pandemic”.

This is not to label this growing number of conspiracy thinkers as biblical doubting Thomases, but it seems inconceivable when one fails to take into account the millions of people who have already died from it.

I have, countless of times, seen testimonies online from medical frontliners who have implored everyone to take the virus seriously, to the point of even citing their own personal losses, parents, sons, daughters or beloved others. These bits of news, because of perhaps already-desensitized perspectives borne of taking in too much misinformation and perhaps fiction online, are unfortunately labeled under the bin of “conspiracy” and ignored. Sadder still, for the many who practically live online and have at our disposal the tools of research to verify these news, many “fail” or simply refuse to do so. Then, we read about the number of deaths and wonder, how many of these were traceable to ignoring the dangers of Covid19?

In the local political scene, I see a parallel in the paths that these conspiracies take with that taken by the opposition forces. When they fail to recognize any good project just because it isn’t theirs, their bias is so much like that of those who think covid is a sham. Predictable to a fault, yes, but pathetic to the point of being an insult to anyone’s intelligence.

In the case of those who refuse to believe that covid19 is real, and therefore not a made up ploy, how many casualties will it take, or how close to your front door will it travel, for you to change your mind? It may be gross to think that while on one hand, the recent development of vaccines herald a glimmer of hope for everyone, already, there are rising thoughts that even this will be an evil plot that will soon be revealed once the time comes. However, just as Ayn Rand had said, we will just have to deal with, or live with, the consequences.

As it is, a line divides us, although this has been the case since Adam. At the same time, we are all at the mercy of one pandemic reality that is acting like a sniper methodically eliminating us a number at a time. It does not discriminate between believer and unbeliever however. Only those who seek cover and protection will survive.

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