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Honoring My Mother | Pushing The Narrative

I HAVE yet to meet people who do not fear catching the pandemic Covid-19 although, like occasional insect splats on a windshield, I could still hear about some people who declare the virus sweeping the world as nothing but a product of a conspiracy that is meant to enslave us all. Despite that, at least more than half of these conspiracy theorists wear face masks, as if just to be sure. I have even heard an absurd statement from a rallyist who had proudly stated that of course, they were responsible protesters because they have sent their aging parents to temporarily live with relatives in case they were proven wrong and caught something. Meanwhile, of them all, the more vocal ones ironically reside within the safe confines of their home screens, clicking as they go, spewing complaints and criticisms for that much-needed thumbs up likes.

At least they won’t catch the virus yes, like the rest of us who adhere to quarantine rules, lest we become statistics. These keyboard warriors, true to their nature, are the types that like to be trendy, so much that, they’re always into catching the latest craze, even if this means whining to be heard. As things are, some of the grumbles and mumbles that hug each online feed could be seen as rants of one simply letting off steam. However, from among these, there are chatters that could qualify as indirect cries for help. Seriously.

Other whines however, that do not fall in these categories tend to be more upfront, with no hesitancy to conceal the bile they contain deep inside. While some just simply let off steam, this is lava in your face. There is purpose. There is agenda. In this lockdown atmosphere where the concept of walls has gone past the physical kind, it is understandable that some will act like cats trapped in a corner. In fairness to all of us who’ve a mouthful to say or spray, there is this noble belief that we are right. To say what we want, yes.

So readers, while we carefully sift through these countless voices in our feeds, like we usually do with ukay-ukay, first bear in mind that we are a democracy and everyone has a right to be heard. That means we are all free to express what we feel, and thus needs to be listened to.

However, even the Desiderata provides everyone with a catch (and this is no fine print): Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexations to the spirit. So, like the ukay, we can always move on and swipe down further.

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