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EO 57 outlines guideline for city protocols until Dec. 31

MAYOR Sara Duterte on Tuesday issued an executive order regulating mass gatherings and prohibiting non-essential travel within Davao City until December 31, 2020.

Mayor Sara Duterte issued EO 57, which takes effect at 5 a.m. on Oct. 7, after noting a surge in COVID-19 cases in Davao City because of the activities allowed during the modified general community quarantine (MGCQ).

She said there is a need to control the COVID-19 cases in Davao City because of the full occupancy of the beds in the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) and the temporary treatment and monitoring facilities (TTMFs).

“The risk of transmission can occur more easily in crowded places with people nearby, close contact settings, confined and enclosed spaces with poor or no ventilation and inadequate air circulation,” it read. “So there is a need to regulate mass gatherings in all public places to lower the risk of transmission.”

Section 1. Basic Health protocol in public places.

A. Wearing of face masks is mandatory in all public places. There must be at least one-meter distance between all individuals and frequent handwashing with soap and water. A face shield is strongly encouraged and should be worn properly.

B. A face mask should have no valve or vent. A cloth mask must be at least two layers.

Section 2. Other Alternative Work Arrangements. Executive Order 56 is mandatory for all government offices and strongly encouraged for all private offices and establishments.

Section 3. Meetings. All government and private offices shall shift to online meetings. A face-to-face office or organization meeting of more than five individuals shall be prohibited.

Section 4. Halloween, Trick or treat, Christmas party or other parties. All Halloween, trick or treat activities, Christmas, commemoration celebration, reunions or other holiday parties are prohibited. All parties shall only be for members of the same household inside their residences.

Section 5. Online events. All online events do not need a permit, a guest limit or curfew.

Section 6. Curfew and Liquor ban. Executive Order 55-A is reiterated.

Section 7.Liquor Service. Executive Order 50-A shall be applicable from 5AM to 7PM.

Section 8. Cemeteries and Funeral parlors. Executive Order 52 is reiterated.

Section 9.Places of Worship. All places of worship must increase the spaces between their members to two meters, there must be no singing and unnecessary chatting among individuals.

Members who are below 21 years old, 60 years old and above, those with immunodeficiency, comorbidity, other serious health risks and pregnant women are prohibited from attending worship and must be provided with online, radio or television prayer opportunities.

Section 10. Fitness clubs and gyms. All fitness clubs and gyms must be by appointment only.

The club or gym can only admit a maximum of five members per hour and at no time can the facemask be taken off inside the club or gym.

Section 11.Restaurants, Carenderia, and other Food establishments. All restaurants, carinderia and other food establishments can only allow customers to remove their facemasks when eating or drinking. This notice should be placed on every table. All servers must wear a face shield on top of their facemasks.

Section 12. Non-contact sports. Non-contact sports shall only be allowed as a form of exercise which should be limited to a maximum of two hours daily with absolutely no sharing of equipment. Clubs and other establishments shall monitor the two-hour time limit for their members.

Section 13. Billiards, darts and all contact sports are prohibited.

Section 14. Exception. Non-professional and professional athletes can train for all kinds of sports with no time limit but they can conduct individual training only. Face-to-face team training shall be prohibited. Student athletes are subject to Section 15 and 16 of the EO.

Section 15. Department of Education class advisers. All Department of Education (DEpEd) schools must have a regular schedule of compliance check of students and their performance tasks according to their modules. Checking must be unannounced and conducted at random times from Monday to Friday within the hours of 7AM to 4PM.

All students found to be missing inside their residences or not within 3 meters of their residences during school hours shall receive and equivalent grade reduction in their subjects.

All Barangay tanods are required to take note of the date, time and names of all students who are more than three meters away from residences from Monday to Friday within the hours of 7AM to 4PM and submit the list to the school principal/head for the requisite grade reduction.

Section 16. Private schools and higher educational institutions (HEIs). Other schools and HEIs can adopt the compliance check in Section 15 hereof whether applicable or they may create their own system of inspection.

Section 17. Movement. All travel inside Davao City shall only be for accessing goods and essential services, for work in offices, and industries and daily maximum two-hour non contact sports exercises.

All leisure, entertainment and non-essential activities are absolutely prohibited. Goods and essential service is defined as all goods and services relating to the human need for food, hospital/health and wellness /medicine, money, work or shelter.

Section 18. Non-essential. Events and activities for leisure, entertainment, sports, gaming and amusement shall be prohibited. All special permits for events and establishments related to the above are hereby deemed recalled and cancelled.

Section 19. Mass gathering. A mass gathering is defined as a gathering of people for the same event or activity that has more than 25 individuals. All mass gatherings are prohibited except buses, banks, hospitals, restaurants, and other similar gatherings where people are not gathered together for the same common purpose.

Section 20. Other Gatherings. Allowable gatherings can only be for personal milestones, urgent government and business purposes and shall be guided by the following:

A. A gathering shall be allowed up to 20 guests/participants including the celebrant/ organizer and give individuals for service providers/suppliers only. All other guests/participants can be online in another venue but will still be limited by the number of individuals mentioned above. Guests/participants cannot hop from one venue to the other.

B. A successive event of 25 guests/participants at a time may be allowed provided that there is a time for entry and exit of guests so that the two groups cannot gather together.

C. If an event or activity has no service providers/suppliers, the guests/participants can be increased to a maximum of 25 individuals.

D. Parade, motorcade, rallies and other Gatherings in public places are absolutely prohibited. The right to free speech and expression in freedom parks shall be respected but the event must be limited to 25 individuals and must be supervised by the Philippine National Police (PNP) and City Health Office (CHO) to ensure that Section 1 hereof is implemented.

E. Government distribution of food or financial assistance can be increased by 50 individuals at a time provided that section 1 hereof can be strictly implemented.

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