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Posts published in September 2020

EDITORIAL: The right face mask

LAST week, an online forum organized by the Mindanao Institute of Journalism was conducted to answer the question,”Where do our PPEs go?” Come to think of it, where do these…

HONORING MY MOTHER: Old and nevermind

IT SEEMS to me that the prevalent belief is, that when people retire, they all enter into a fraternity of sorts where only a common tag is involved: old. So…

ROUGH CUTS: A saga in an environment of corruption

NORMALLY we do not easily believe in allegations of corruption and of influence peddling by certain groups or individuals; not even if we were given a copy of a letter…

TIMESMAN: Condo units!

UNIT owners of Verdon Park development at corner Ecoland Drive-Peacock Street are now advised to return to their respective units after the occupants abandoned the area when it was slightly…

The state of aesthetic and wellness

Ian Ray C. Garcia The aesthetic and wellness industry is one sector that is bound to experience an outright transformation in this pandemic era. Known for its being personal and…

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