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LOUD WHISPER : Universal Peace Federation calls for Global Peace, Hope

DURING this time of Covid 19 pandemic, I am prompted to write a piece on the “Rally of Hope” which was held virtually online yesterday in the morning thru “www.peacelink.li from Korea via Peace TV of Korea, organized and initiated by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) co-founded by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. The rally was participated in by one million advocates for peace worldwide.

When Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon (a Global Citizen declared by the United Nations) died in 2012, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon continued with this compelling mission of peace for the world. She continued for the return to the basics, to spiritual life and a return to faith in God, prayer, study of the scripture and service to the family and community.

Dr. Moon, in her keynote address, focused on the threats and challenges of Covid 19 pandemic that the world is facing today. She reminded everyone that God is the Creator of humanity, thus we should return to our original status. But the threat of this virus is immensely and adversely affecting almost all of us in this globe.

Quality of life on this earth is distressful. Urgent measures must be made. We can work together to arrest this problem, not by development of science but by development of society, and humanity, according to the principles of creation. We should restore the fundamental values that we have lost.

“I can no longer wait… Let us kneel and listen to the voice of Heaven. I encourage everyone to believe this principle of Creation.” Dr. Moon stressed. “Our environment has been threatening 1.3 million people in China, and millions of people in other countries. .. If we can change the waters into a great forest, and plant flowers then we can realize the beauty of nature…Then we can experience that era of happiness for our children and we can realize the era of lasting peace ” she continued with a smile and looked at the mothers around.

“Think about this.” She said.. One-tenth of our money can be used not only for us, but we can share it with others, we can live for others.. so that we can live together harmoniously, ” she said and looking around she said that hand in hand we can change the world.

The turning point that she would like all to point out is that we can still be happy again considering that the virus is uncertain. Nobody can anticipate the end or the sustainability of this deadly enemy.

It is also heartwarming and inspiring to hear and listen to the messages of global leaders like: Dr. Thomas Walsh, board of director of Washington Times and chairman of UPF; HE Jonathan Goodluck, president of the Federal Rep. of Nigeria; Hon. Dan Burton, Speaker of the HRep. Jose de Venecia; HE Evaristo Caballo; HE Dan Burton, former US Representative; and many others.

We also heard messages from: Hon. Samdech Samrin, president of the national assembly of Kingdom of Cambodia; and HE PM of Pakistan, Raza Cilani. There are others who are heads of state, journalists, presidents, leaders of churches, institutions, organizations, government sector, non-government groups, women’s groups, business groups, educators, parliament, and ministers.

They have their own perspectives about the current challenges that we are facing at this time of pandemic crisis. The pandemic is not only isolated to one problem but it has adversely affected our economy, health, mental and physical capabilities, education of children and students, employment, industry and trade and science and technology. This pandemic has also negative impressions on our day-to-day activities and our living condition.

Slowly I am starting to realize that we cannot be masters of our souls; that we are created in the image of God. The teachings of the Divine Principle of the UPF have taught us that men and women of all nations should work together as one, to solve conflicts through dialogues, compassion, repentance, deeper understanding, sincere love and forgiveness.

That we should collectively achieve our goals and objectives for a unified world through interdependence and mutual prosperity. We should establish the pursuit of “giving and sharing” and value each other’s aspirations for sustainable life.

All the speakers showed sincerity in their talks and urged everyone to solve this crisis by unusual solidarity; we can work as one; be one among many and we can change the world! We can change this world to a New World of Peace and Hope!
When I heard one speaker saying that this virus is killing us slowly (without our knowing it), I started to worry not for myself but for many of us who don’t even know the meaning of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values.

If we believe in God. He will never forsake us. He is our Creator. He is mightier than the virus that we fear sneaking around like a thief in the darkest night. (fvsicam)

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