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HONORING MY MOTHER: You have got to be kidding

APPARENTLY, Einstein was not when he hinted long ago that our stupidity was as infinite as the universe, then adding how he actually was unsure of the latter. Who knows in the future, when a more advanced and knowledgeable version of us cares enough to look back at any or all of our past civilizations, this might be an absolute truth. It could even be that this defect, and nothing else, would be the most probable cause of our downfall, and specifically so, starting with this pandemic.

Who are we fooling? True, much has been written about how most of us continually try to lift ourselves up with noble messages of encouragement and more so with continuous flow of genuine empathy for each other. Why then is it, that in spite of the efforts from all these gestures of positivity, there still emerge contradictions like no other, originating beyond common sense and bordering on utter lack of judgment?

In all, this could perhaps be what Heinlein had meant when he said, “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by human stupidity.”

Everywhere, the simple enough rules at how to engage the virus have been seriously met with staunch political, religious, and culturally- based tenets. Interestingly, all of these have not even had a sense of decency to provide any effective solution at all at trying to combat the virus.

Instead, calls for non-conformity to the prescribed actions have come aplenty from those who espouse that this is all a hoax. For politically based idiocy, just refer to the lessons that could be had from our perennial idol and favorite, the United States, and give a listen to the rationale of some of their citizens. Then mix these up with the logic of disgruntled posses here in the dolomite parts of the country. For religious gullibility and believing that, as children of God, we should shed our masks and shields, we only have to look down at the piece earth where we stand and heed some aging bishops.

The protocols set up by authorities and medical professionals who are knowledgeable in their fields, have been simple enough to follow. No rocket science needed even.
Then, after more than six months since the virus had first spread across the world, it had been proven that going against these protocols have indeed resulted in contamination and further spread. Why is it that still, resistance to social distancing, extra layer of protection, and quarantine exists, at the expense of the most vulnerable segments of society?

In truth, if the pervading attitude remains, I am unlike others who trust that the coming of a vaccine would bring about a change in the situation somewhat. Even with such, the pull of politics and particularly religion, will remain, as strong remoras sucking at our folly, even as the threat of an increase in mortality becomes more pronounced. One can only ask how
does one handle it, this pathetic stupidity that seem to co-exist with genius, or mere intelligent thought. Perhaps, through patience and understanding. At least that is a redeeming thought. After all, have you ever wondered why there are always cleaners after everything else had hit the proverbial fan?

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