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Customs-Davao rolls out electronic tracking system

THE PORT of Davao of the Bureau of Customs has rolled out the Electronic Tracking of Containerized Cargo System (E-TRACC System), a software which is part of automating its operations.

In a press statement, the agency said the system, which is to be operated by its Pier and Inspection Division, will monitor in real time the movement of cargoes using an electronic customs seal.

A component of the 10-point priority program of Commissioner Rey Leonardo B Guerrero, the system also “provides warning in case of unauthorized trips, tampering of the device, deviation of vehicle from authorized routes, or such events that are deemed suspicious based on the criteria determined by the Bureau.”

District Collector Erastus Sandino B. Austria said the system “provides stringent monitoring on all in-transit goods essential in the timely discovery and identification of fraudulent acts and revenue leakages.”

“The E-TRACC System will not only enable us to identify illegal activities during the movement of cargoes but will also provide the Bureau the necessary evidence to prove any wrongdoing while cargoes are in transit.” said Austria as the port launched the system on the first of week of the month and the agency reported that the initial run was smooth.

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