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HONORING MY MOTHER: Days o f wine and whines

CONSTANTLY reading of people’s complaints about almost any topic under the sun, whether online or in other forms of media, leaves one to be wary sometimes. It could even lead one to suspect that perhaps, things and events must be happening without you knowing them, as though the world were strangely passing you by. I mean, who ever heard of dolomite?

After all, whining and moaning aren’t just pastime activities that exist for no reason. There has got to be, besides reason, a strong motivation and then a sense of appeasement afterward for both to exist and supposedly be the relevant forms of exercise in this age of internet. Never mind that some of the purported facts are actually fake, or truth used out of context. Argumentation and griping about things is the new norm, nowadays especially if one aspires to be relevant. In other words, the bias must be strong in this one.

The fact remains however that whether one likes it or not, the art of complaining is nothing but merely launching one’s opinions off into space, and forcibly landing them in somebody else’s world (and ears). It could also be that your complaint could, for a while, also battle it out with other perspectives in the outer space of the internet, with the eventual winners crashlanding on a prized plane somewhere. There, it might fester and rule for a while until the next relevant opinion comes along and overthrows it.

As it is however, this here article included, there is just still so much whining and complaints to go around. Could be the expected dopamine fix they bring or dolomite in the brain.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, at least one less grumble will finally be off the table. For all the drinkers of Davao City, that is. For the sober ones however, one fervent wish is that this much-awaited lifting of the liquor ban would not open up new problems for the city in its continuing fight against the pandemic threat.

In the ad lingo of tele-marketing, all we can say to this, “Wait, there’s more!”

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