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THE PRESIDENCY — Yesterday, I was glued to the TV, watching Netflix’s “Designated Survivor,” a movie series about a US public official who was “designated” to become president (not the vice president) in case the incumbent head of state dies or is otherwise incapacitated. Thus its title. Very interesting and instructive, if you ask me.

Consider these:

The President has competent assistants who always provide inputs and advice, which the President always listens to but he makes the final judgment call.

He has to navigate not only the rough turbulent waters of the State but also of his family.

He is very human and attends and gives attention even to common travails of ordinary citizens.

He faces dangers, controversies and the perils of the office ( and family) and even risks his own personal safety.

He works non-stop but gives quality time to his family.

He calibrates his actions but can go for the extreme if called by the moment.

And yes, many more lessons that heads of state can learn from. Very interesting and instructive indeed! Go watch!


I had an interesting virtual chat via “Zoom” a few days ago with MASSA Foundation based in Cagayan de Oro City which holds a regular media forum “Kapihan sa MASSA” and covered by radio and television weekly

.That was to be my first media appearance since I left the government almost two years ago. As you perhaps guessed it, the topic was about “peace,” reminiscing my years of “peace by piece” work in government before the ravages of time and age delete those unforgettables.

****US UNREST — The Americans are not only troubled by COVID-19.

They’re also going through some “unrest” with protesters still in the streets protesting due to ethnic issues not to mention continuing attacks on US policemen.****SITUATIONER● The political cauldron is close to “boiling point” as the US presidential election in November nears.● In Venezuela, the situation is worst. Those who “speak out” about the real situation are being arrested. And those found “positive” are brought to motels and quarantined against their will without relatives or family members even knowing.●

The much awaited vaccine, although expected within the next few months, may help mankind only by the 3rd quarter of 2021 or at best in September 2021, the earliest. But returning to pre-Covid normalcy is a “pipe dream”, according to experts. So please don’t rejoice prematurely!●

In Europe, World Health Organization (WHO) said there’s an “alarming rise” in COVID-19 cases● As of this week, more than 30 million “earthlings” throughout the world have been infected. Really worrisome!

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