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Posts published in “Day: September 16, 2020”

HONORING MY MOTHER: Transformers all

I REMEMBER as a boy, I chanced upon a poster that had clearly been inspired by the science fiction classic novel of my favorite author in high school, H.G. Wells.…

ROUGH CUTS: Immediate clarification is needed

THE other day, Monday, September 14, forty seven (47) persons were tested positive of CoViD 19 in Davao City, according to television reports sourced from the regional office of the…

MY TURN: COVID 19 and cultural change

C means Corona, V means Virus discovered in 2019 or COVID 19. The virus looks like a crown so they called it corona (Spanish for crown). Families around the world…

Infection higher in hospital cleaners than ICU staff: report

INTENSIVE care medics were significantly less likely to have been infected with Covid-19 than cleaners and other healthcare workers in departments deemed lower risk, according to a study of several…

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