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ROUGH CUTS: There is time to demand uplifting sectoral plights

NOW what is this report we heard over television that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is investigating allegations of fixers offering their services to facilitate claims of Social Amelioration Program (SAP) beneficiaries?

No, it’s not that we are surprised this had happened. Fixers, with the knowledge of authorities or not, have become the norms in government offices and programs that are usually known to be hotbeds of bureaucratic red tapes and corruption.

What surprised us is that the operation of the alleged fixers is being done right in the home city of President Rodrigo Duterte. Yes, the fixers are reportedly doing their scheming operation in the backyard of the President who has been vocal of his intolerance of corruption and other modes of stealing government money and taking advantage of those who have less in knowledge of going through government transactions.

It appears now that those who are doing the “fixing” do not believe that the President can touch them because of their connection. Possibly also, they have taken the President’s strong warning against wrongdoers in government as another of his jokes.

While we are aware of some barangay officials doing some innovative ways of skimming a portion of the SAP for themselves, their close confidants and possibly their patrons at the higher plane, we are somewhat kept unaware of the supposed operation of fixers in the city.

It was only when we heard yesterday morning on television of the planned DSWD investigation into the matter that we realized that the President’s city has not been skipped by the so-called “good Samaritan” cum “tulisan.”

We hope that something positive will come out of the investigation. We also urged the probers to be transparent by giving the Davao public regular updates on the progress of the investigation.

And more importantly, that the investigating authorities will prosecute the erring individuals and their colluders in government until their illegal deeds are given the appropriate punishment.


As of last Saturday, September 5, the total Corona Virus cases in Mindanao already reached 6,915. Of the figure 4,584 have recovered from the deadly illness. However, those who died because of the disease already reached 178 all over the southern Philippine island.

Ranged against the nationwide total of over 234 thousand, the Mindanao CoViD 19 cases is still relatively a small percentage. But the figure is not something to rejoice because the cases are still rising and the availability of vaccine is still very hazy in the medical horizon.

However, what is probably not pleasing to the ears is the report that of the Mindanao total cases 1,407 are registered in Davao City even as the latter’s recoveries had reached a high of 1,147 as of last Saturday. The number is barely 267 short of the total recorded cases.

The deaths attributed to CoViD 19 though had climbed to 55. Of course, the seemingly small number of people who succumbed to the deadly illness is indication that the medical facilities and the health providers in the city have already leveled up their capabilities to handle CoViD patients, and that despite all the perceived gaps in government support none of the Davao health frontliners had given up, even an inch, of their dedication on their sworn responsibilities towards their fellow Filipinos.

Hence, we mean only those health frontliners in the National Capital Regions (NCR) who claimed of their unflinching dedication to their job in this time of the pandemic, yet loudly airing their desire for a respite and demanding that their plight be given the government’s most immediate attention. They complain that they are tired but at the same time they band around the supposed insufficiency of government support in public hospitals and even in private health institutions.

While we agree to the importuning of the NCR-based health frontliners we believe that in this time of a global pandemic they should instead set aside their protestations and help fight the deadly virus with whatever resources available for their use at the moment.

To us chastising the government and those who are charged of leading in the fight right in the middle of the pandemic could only create unwanted misimpression by the people who are now forced on their knees because of the impact of the prevalence of the virus. What they are doing now is like being on board a boat amidst a thunder storm, the sail of which is destroyed. While the designated captain is providing the direction, a group of its crew are also rowing against it or are simply rocking the boat. So, what else can be expected but the possible sinking and the death of all those on board?

We believe that the appropriate time for airing their protestations will come probably sooner than expected. May be, for the time being they can keep records of what they have seen or observed as wanting in the government’s response, as well as what they believe the authorities need to do to uplift their plight and their capabilities.
We are aware that they know, under the oath they have sworn to when they were inducted into their present professions as medical workers, they have to respond to their call of duty even if this would mean some disadvantages on their personal lives.

What the complaining medical front liners are doing now can be disruptions on the efforts done by the government to contain the spread of the virus. And this may not be beneficial to the Filipino people.

Yes, when the health emergency tapers down and the normalization starts to be in place, that would be the best time to lay down their cards; their “hinaings”; and even the anger that is bursting inside their hearts and minds.
They can bring out all their demands and negotiate for some kind of “reparations” for the suffering they have experienced while doing their duties under the clutches of the CoViD 19 pandemic.

But of course we recommend that when they do the negotiation for the enhancement of their sector, they should not lose track of the fact that theirs is not the only sector in the country requiring uplift.

First and foremost, the government must have to bring back the health of the country’s economy. It is only by making it the priority concern that the government can move into uplifting the lot of all sectors of the country’s population.

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