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PUBLISHER’S NOTES: Science and lockdown

OUTER SPACE BLACK HOLE — Scientists just discovered a “black hole” somewhere in outer space that according to them “shouldn’t even exist and so dense not even light can escape their gravitational pull”. Wow! It is believed that the “waves” started 7 billion years ago creating one of the “most powerful events in the Universe since the Big Bang”. ( the so-called “Big Bang” was the creation of what we now call Earth). Scientists now say that this proves that “there is a vast universe that has remained invisible” to mankind.

So, let’s drop this whole idea that our Earth is the “only world”. There’s a bigger and wider world out there that is not even known to us at all.But who knows, this phenomenon can be, perhaps, another sign of our changing world.


PHIL PREVAILED — Remember US Marine Corporal Scott Pemberton who killed transgender woman Jennifer Laude inside a bathroom in an Olongapo motel 6 years ago in 2014? There was a diplomatic storm those days with the US demanding that he be shipped back to the US to face trial. But the Philippines firmly refused and stood its ground that it was our Philippine court that had prior jurisdiction. And yes, the Olongapo court sentenced him to 6 years to 10 years. A triumph of the Philippines in upholding its sovereignty.

Pemberton is now due for release from jail after serving sentence. The Philippines prevailed!


ROXAS NITE MARKET — The favorite “nite market” at Roxas St. will soon open on Sept. 12. This will be another additional boost to the small vendors that had been troubled by the pandemic. At least, city promenaders who had been “itching” for some haven will have some place where to “hang around”, buy some items or take a bite at the vendors’ sheds. No worries about health and security protocols. There will be rules that will be imposed. Sorry but not like “those ol’ times”. We are in a “new normal” which we must all accept. And yes so sorry to mention this: I can’t help but recall that tragic bombing incident there many years ago!


GENSAN LOCKDOWN – A friend from Gen. Santos City who is assisting me in my modest”vannamie”
(shrimp) farm in the south called me to say that he could not visit because there is a “local lockdown” due to a recent spike of COVID-19 at the Gensan fish port which sadly is a hub for marketable fish products and other basic food items . City Mayor Ronnel Rivera is now on his toes addressing the situation. He also noted the low bed-capacities of local medical facilities for COVID patients due to the recent surge.

And yes, the traditional TUNA FESTIVAL has turned online and digital. The “new normal” nowadays!


KABACAN MASSACRE — Last week, August 29, nine (9) Moro males were killed in Kabakan, North Cotabato allegedly by policemen. This is serious and must be investigated thoroughly. Although Kabacan is not within the BARMM territory, the victims are Muslims and the BARMM government is duty bound to look into this as part of its mandate. Addressing issues for our Muslim brothers and sisters are not limited by BARMM’s territorial boundaries.




Tony Vergara, a mediaman, Davao city councilor, a pastor and a great Dabawenyo passed away recently. He left some permanent footprints for us to remember him by.

* Sad to know that BARMM Health Minister Saffrulah Dipatuan and his wife tested positive of COVID 19. He immediately announced this himself and called on all who had previous contact with him to go get themselves tested and be quarantined. A laudable move.

* Bulgaria is now facing an upheaval with protesters and government men fighting in the city streets and a call for the resignation of its incumbent leaders.

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