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TIMESMAN: Lulutang sa kangkongan?

“PLEASE do not add fuel to the fire. You will just destroy the government,” President Duterte’s advice to VP Leni Robredo aired on state-run PTV-4 on Tuesday morning.

The President reacted to Robredo’s claim that the Philippines seems to have “no leader” as it continues to grapple with the impact of coronavirus.

The Vice President on her official Facebook page on Monday, said it appears that “no one is at the helm, no direction, no clear horizon as to when and how this pandemic will be addressed.”

As if other world leaders didn’t encounter the same predicament our President is experiencing now.

Is she not around during the last six months COVID-19 threatened everyone all over the world and until today when the government immediately imposed precautionary measures to fight the virus and minimize its effect on the health of the people?

Did she not heard of 3,010 deaths, 194,252 confirmed, and 132,042 recoveries all because of this deadly virus as reported in the COVID-19 Tally of Phil Cases as of August 24 while the government, with President Duterte in the helm of the front-liners, risking their lives looking for solutions that may reduce the number of individuals that would contract the disease from an infected person?

Ah, never mind don’t answer those crazy queries of mine. Maybe the VP is only busy in her household or posting on her FB the last 6 months that she’s not aware of what’s happening around her!

“Huwag n’yong sirain ang gobyerno kasi masisira ang tao. Kapag nasisira ang gobyerno lulutang tayong lahat,” ayon pa sa Presidente.

I know what the President meant of that statement, but the word “lulutang” intrigues me. Lulutang sa alapaap o lulutang sa kangkongan! Stay safe, readers.


The subdivision where I reside has mercury lights in every street post and equipped with CCTV cameras that monitor the movement of everyone entering the area. Aside from the CCTVs, seven security guards are also hired by the homeowners to secure the place – four are alternately manning the exit and entrance gates of the enclosed community with three of the remaining guards making the rounds on their motorbikes 24/7.

Most of the households have their CCTVs, and that includes my residence. My Unica Hija living abroad purposely installed the camera for intruders, according to her but, I suspect she put a camera in our living room not only to monitor people visiting the house but every move of her beloved Papa, also 24/7 from where she is in the US.

She immediately calls us through the landline whenever the CCTV is not visible from her end with suspicion (?) that we manipulated it para hindi kami masilip! Hihi.

Salbahe talaga ang anak kong ito over-protective sa amin. Pero salamat na rin.

But despite these surveillance cameras and human security forces in our village, the residents are still on alert as we believe that thieves are always lurking anywhere and may strike anytime they notice that we lowered our defenses.

That’s why we’re not surprised when Mayor Inday Sara ordered Davaoenos to be vigilant as terrorists might take advantage of the pandemic to sow chaos in the city.

“Kung dili ta mag matngon, kon dili ta maghatag og care sa atong siyudad ug isig katawo, atong mga kaubang Dabawenyo diri sa Davao City, mahitabo gyud na sa atoa,” she said.

The Mayor is referring to the two separate suicide bombings in downtown Jolo in Sulu, leaving at least 14 people dead and 75 injured and believed to be carried out by the Islamic State-linked Abu Sayyaf group last week.

Ano kaya kung ang mga teroristang ito ang tamaan ng COVID? Patay kang bata ka!


The Department of Foreign Affairs lodged a diplomatic protest over what it said was the “illegal confiscation” by China’s coast guard of fishing equipment near the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), accusing Beijing of fabricating sea claims.

We’re always complaining against China for bullying us, but at the same time we ask them for helping us control the spread of the coronavirus and economic support for the country.

What is the logic of our double blade treatment of that complaint?

The President already closed the book on the issue when he said wala na tayong magagawa. “I will not go to war against a superpower”. Our DFA officials should also admit that kapag hinamon tayo ng suntukan ng Tsina, our dilapidated military hardware has no match with their high-tech killing machine. Stay at home, readers.

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