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ROUGH CUTS: High profile CoViD protocol infractions

EARLY this week a policeman who was on his way home solo after duty was ambushed by still unidentified attackers.

It was not clear in the broadcast report whether the law enforcer was still inside the taxi cab he took or had already disembarked when he was shot. But based on the report it appears that he was helpless and was unable to retaliate. Meaning, clearly he was at a most disadvantaged position wherever he was at the time the shots were fired.

The incident immediately caused Davao City Police Office (DCPO) director Col. Kirby Kraft to reiterate a long standing policy for the security of policemen’s lives. And that is, for them to always be on a “buddy system” whenever they are on foot patrol. This way, according to Colonel Kraft, any of them can look after each other’s back. Thus, there are bigger chances of protecting both from possible surprise attacks from criminals in most unexpected places and time.

The colonel, no doubt, knows whereof he speaks. He could not have reached his rank had he not walked his talk. Besides, even during the time of the American Old West, a band of either lawful or lawless elements always had the advantage over a solo gunslinger no matter how fast he was on the draw.

But then again, the buddy system will not apply in all situations. And one of those situations was the case of the policeman ambushed in Sasa. He was on his way home after duty. Normally he cannot request for another policeman to accompany him because if the mandated security system is to be followed to the letter, the ambushed cop’s buddy will have to ask for his own buddy when he goes back to his station or goes home.

Besides, the criminals who execute such a dastardly act, are trained perpetrators. They do casing of their prospective target. Therefore, the attacker already has studied the routes, the usual hangouts, and even the time of the potential victim’s return to his home. And the criminal knows when the would-be victim policeman does not have a buddy with him.

Of course, the buddy system of the police is one that can deter the commission of an ambush. But it is no assurance that it can stop the criminal from doing his thing; especially so when big money is involved in the undertaking.

Behind all the precautions, the fact remains that the danger on the lives of policemen and other law enforcers is part of the territory.

When they are on duty in the offices, in the field, or even in their supposed private off hours in the confines of their homes they remain policemen and law enforcers. And those who have axes to grind against them do not have respect as to the time and place where they have the opportunity to perpetrate their crime on their target.


So there was that so-called “CoViD Wedding” in Davao City which, according to Mayor Sara herself, resulted in the infection of some of the guests with the deadly virus?

And those wed were scions of well-known and politically-connected families in the city! The ceremony, according to the reports, were held in a secluded church which is a little bit abnormal for weddings of well-heeled personalities.
The mayor herself was empathic that the number of guests exceeded the figure allowed under the present quarantine category existing in the city during that time.

Whatever their reasons, many could only surmise. Of course, the surnames of both the groom’s and bride’s families surely ring a bell, not just that of the ambulant ice cream peddler’s type but that of the Balangiga size and range.

Now the question is: Will the authorities file the appropriate charges against those who deserve to be hailed to court? Will not the status in life, political and business connections of both families serve as instant bars to any move to initiate any legal proceeding?

Well, the waiting time for the answers of the questions raised may be short or the legal action immediate. Or, it can be longer as the authorities may have to weigh its position and potential repercussions on their action on the issue. And there is also the possibility that the waiting for the government’s legal initiative will be for eternity.
So let us wait and see.

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