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TIMESMAN: Condo units!

UNIT owners of Verdon Park development at corner Ecoland Drive-Peacock Street are now advised to return to their respective units after the occupants abandoned the area when it was slightly damaged by the 6.9 quakes that hit Davao City last October.

The Quadruple A Developer DMCI Homes immediately started this year and with the easing of quarantine protocols in the city the past weeks, a thorough renovation and upgrade of the condos to guarantee the safety of the residents were acted upon, according to DMCI Homes press release to the TIMES.

Two days ago, I accidentally passed by Ecoland 400 Residences, also declared unfit for residency by the city government, and personally saw the massive structural retrofitting enhancements of the residential buildings being done by the developer.

My namesake son and nurse Jeckjeck now living in Canada with his family has invested in four condominium units in the country, one in Makati and another one in Taguig, while the two others are in Davao City.

After the series of killer earthquakes that hit Mindanao that caused damage to infrastructures and killed many people last year, I wonder if my son will still think of further investing in this high risk real estate business of buying and selling condo units.

After all, I couldn’t be wrong if I chose to retire in a two-storey house in a subdivision over a condo unit where the risk to life and property is much higher and frequent.

I also dreamed of living in a high-rise condo before (sikat kasi ang tingin sa iyo) but because my blood pressure also rises every time I ride an elevator, I settled for a house and lot although I already owned one in Matina.

Anyway, congratulations to condo developers who finally responded to the clamor of the government especially condo unit buyers to first think of the stability of the building structures and not only in mind to make profits and ensure safety of the residents over and above all.


The Davao City Reports, a government organization, announced on Facebook on Aug. 10 that an anti-rabies campaign will be launched in a barangay (I forgot the district) somewhere in the city.

I sent to the organization also through Facebook this inquiry:

“Meron ba kayong anti-rabies sa Barangay Angliongto?”

Immediately within seconds, I received a response. Congratulations. It said:“Hello, Loreto! Thank you for contacting Davao City Reports! We will try to address your concerns/queries as soon as possible. We do apologize if you will experience some delayed responses due to a very high volume of messages. Thus, we do hope for your utmost support and deepest understanding. Keep safe!”

I am expecting that the result of my query may be known by me within an hour or a day considering that it already apologized that I “will experience some delayed responses due to a very high volume of messages.”
I was wrong. Until today, 11 days after I sent that inquiry, I’ve never heard from the Davao City Reports any words.

Huwag niyo na lang sagutin. “Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo.” Binawi ko na ang congratulation ko sa inyo. Nakakasuya!


Because I wanted to follow health protocols the government is telling us to do to avoid getting infected by coronavirus, I’m beginning to lose some friends and acquaintances who complained from what I heard that nagiging mayabang na raw ako ngayon at dinadaan-daanan ko na lang sila sa kalsada.

Well if because they saw me not letting them hitch in my car when I passed by them while waiting for a ride, excuse me. I would rather lose a friend than violate the physical distancing. Ayoko pang mamatay!

Although the face mask and the plastic shield, or any protectors that we put on our face to drive away the killer disease may not 100 percent protect us, at least in one way or another we show our support to the government’s effort to curb infection if not totally eradicated the threat. Ingat!

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