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JOLO CARNAGE — Last Monday, August 24, 2 explosions rocked JOLO in Sulu killing and injuring many, mostly soldiers! Again? I thought it’s COVID that is our common enemy that is troubling the whole world. Now this! I know the Tausogs of Sulu don’t want this to recur in their own turf. So, what’s happening?


BARMM — Since Sulu is now governed by the BARMM (Bangsamoro government) , this latest incident should first fall on the lap of the bangsamoro themselves. While the AFP and security forces of the national government must act quickly to effectively handle the situation, the long-term work to meet the challenges of those recurring incidents must be done by the bangsamoro government no less. This is still a systemic problem that security forces alone cannot and should not handle. Otherwise, the credibility and the capability of the BARMM, which is still on its early stages of governance will be put under a cloud of doubt. A bad way to start!


PRESIDENT IN JOLO — I got word that President Duterte planned to visit Jolo anytime to personally look into the situation. The grief of the families of the soldiers and civilians who died and those injured needs to be assuaged. Some assurances that their killers would ultimately pay for their crimes would somehow ease their pains. A presidential visit, no less, will definitely go a long way. (That’s how this President has always been!)


CABINETMEN — I was able to touch base with Secretary Mart Andanar , presidential communications office “boss” 2 days ago. He had been traveling to many parts of Mindanao helping coordinate and manage the government’s efforts against the pandemic. Being constantly exposed to the dangers of this still spreading virulent virus, not to mention the perils of travel in conflict-affected areas, is indeed a challenge like what the President and every member of his cabinet have to face nowadays. My snappy ( CAFGU) salute, Sirs!


CNN SO BIASED — CNN is clearly against Pres. Trump. I’ve watched and listened to its journalists and program hosts. They bash Mr. Trump at every turn. By the way, I’m neither for Trump nor for Biden. But a media network that is not balanced or unabashedly becomes “politicized” or “one-sided” does not deserve the respect of its listeners. I’m so sorry for saying this! But that’s my take.

It’s only during the Republican National Convention a few days ago that I heard “the other side” of the story.
My “fearless forecast” is that this may turn the table for the benefit of re-electionist Donald Trump. Let’s all watch and see.


TRUMP “ALA”’PRRD? — I first personally met President Trump during his visit to Manila while President Duterte just started his incumbency. I recall he was so “star struck” with PRRD that when he was on his way out from the meeting, he passed by where I was, shook my hand and he stuck out his thumb ( “ok” sign) and pointed to our President. Seemed like they both had “common vibes”. Pres Trump has been known worldwide as someone who can be “bratty” and outspoken. Like saying “ damn the torpedoes!”

PRRD up to now gets high approval ratings from surveys.

Whether Trump’s “persona” still fascinates the Americans, we’ll get to know when November election comes.


DXUM — The University of Mindanao is re-launching the so-called “University On the Air” by airing over radio station DXUM (819kHz) a regular program that will benefit students especially in remote areas where there are no internet connections. Starting August 27 it is aired daily 6pm to 8pm Monday to Friday and on Saturdays, 7:30pm to 9:30 pm.

The unique “University on the Air”, managed and operated by the University of Mindanao Broadcasting Network ( UMBN) went off the air in 1972 when martial was declared. It’s now back on the air! Thanks UM/UMBN “Bossman” Willie Torres and team!

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