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Investigation deepens

Slain cop received death threats before ambush


THE FATAL ambush of a police officer inside a taxi in Km. 10, Barangay Sasa, Buhangin District at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday could possibly be related to his work.

This is one of the primary angles that police investigators are pursuing after M/Sgt. Jacksonpel B. Suan was gunned down while riding a taxi. The driver of the cab, identified as Jun Rey D. Escalano, based on the driver’s license.

Maj. Jerome De Guzman, the commander of Sasa Police Station, said Suan boarded Shammari taxi, with body no. 3226, heading back to headquarters after completing his duty in the quarantine control point at Km. 11.

Upon reaching Km. 10, particularly in front of the Reta compound, a Navarra pick-up truck pulled up at the right side of the taxi. The passenger/s then riddled the vehicle with bullets, killing both victims. The police identified the bullets as belonging to an M16 rifle.

In a phone interview yesterday, De Guzman said the perpetrators made sure that Suan could not retaliate by using a high-powered firearm on him.

“The perpetrators are well financed, with a good vehicle and firearms and was really angry,” he said.

They have yet to receive the official report from Scene of the Crime Operative but the first responders counted 13 empty shells in the area. An M16 rifle fires 5.56 mm bullets and typically has either a 20-round or 30-round magazine.

“So, they really made sure that he would be killed,” he added.

Unfortunately, the taxi driver was caught in the crossfire since both vehicles were still moving.

“Theres it the possibility that the shooter misfired, which is why they also shot the driver,” he further said.

The Sasa police chief also revealed that Suan has received several death threats through text messages and phone calls. He also reported of suspicious men casing his house. To avoid worrying his family, he didn’t tell his wife and kids.

He said that Suan used to be an intelligence operative and his job resulted in many arrests, particularly drug suspects. He was transferred to a less risky unit and became the supervisor of the police auxiliary team assigned in Sasa. “But other operatives would tap him if they wanted to arrest criminals and he would always help them,” he added.

Meanwhile, De Guzman said they already have several persons of interest and leads but nothing substantial as yet.

“We have seen vehicles in the video but the plate numbers are not clear. Also, the video on the dashcam of the taxi was not a continuous video, ” he added.


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