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Publisher’s note: “Quo Vadis” Mother Earth?

WHERE is Mother Earth and humanity going? The Romans would say: “Quo vadis?” (This was the title before of a movie showing the life of a Roman warrior starring actor Charlston Heston. Sorry my age is also showing. Lol!)
“RESET BUTTON” — For today’s millenials ( lest “di ma gets” what I am saying), let me call what’s happening today as a “reset button” for humanity, a.k a. ( “also known as”) NEW NORMAL . Covid19 triggered this new phenomenon!
INEVITABLE — This all came to pass not only because of that virus. This is where Mother Earth is all heading inevitably. Global events over the centuries incrementally brought us all to where we are today.
Nature’s destruction; ( don’t call it euphemistically “climate change”, please); over population; unending conflicts amongst  “earthians”; broken relationships amongst nations: evolution of technology that makes us all “less human”… we can name many more as the list seems endless.
IN FUTILITY — So, let’a not all expect that a new vaccine will all get us back to where humanity was. No way! While we all dream and say “hope springs eternal”, it’s actually “in futility”. What is happening today is part of humanity’s evolution. Something we have to accept and live with.
TRIVIA * I got word yesterday from Sec. Sonny Dominguez that Dabawenyo pioneer GARI TIONGCO passed away at St. Luke’s Hospital in Manila due to some lingering illness. Condolence to wife Gladys and family.

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