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IT Programs Help Fulfill Need for Top Emerging Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracked digital transformation for a lot of companies in the Philippines. Businesses need to consider the increased need for online transactions in their capacity building.
“Presence in the digital space increases the chances of businesses to stay competitive and even surviving in this climate. Planning towards this is integral to future-proofing,” said Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, Founder and Chairman of AMA Education System (AMAES)and considered the Father of IT education in the Philippines.
Having pioneered IT education in the country in the 1980s, Dr. Aguiluz envisioned a world that would be enriched by computer-based technologies for various processes. Fast forward to today, this vision is realized with the digital transformation that companies are undergoing and even in trends on emerging jobs.
Even before the pandemic hit, seven out of the top 10 emerging jobs in the Philippines require IT-based expertise according to a report by LinkedIn. Using datasets from its talent acquisition platform, it established the fastest growing jobs in the market.
LinkedIn reported that more and more companies are going to look for IT-based experts to fulfill the following positions: Cyber Security Specialist, Data Scientist, Full Stack Engineer, Dev Ops Engineer, Data Engineer, JavaScript Developer, and Cloud Engineer.
The report assessed that while there may not yet be a large pool of talent who hold these jobs, a large, sustained year-over-year growth of professionals who are hired into these roles indicate these to be long-term trends.
With many Senior High School graduates unsure of enrolling for college programs at this time, Dr. Aguiluz is advising both parents and students to consider taking an IT-based program.
“With the increased need for the right talent of companies shifting towards digital operations, it’s important to map out career prospects for students and career shifters. Taking an IT-based program sets one up for various jobs that will be indemand and lucrative for years to come,” said Dr. Aguiluz.
In line with AMA’s technological expertise and innovation in delivery of education, schools under the AMAES network are currently offering educational continuity through 100% online classes. Incoming college students can continue their education amid the pandemic and enroll in innovative IT-based programs.
These include the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program specializing in Cybersecurity, where students can learn more about data security and digital forensics and how to protect systems from cyber attacks. While the general Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program trains students in the nuances of IT systems, infrastructure and the ever-changing trends in software.
AMAES schools also follow a trimestral school year–giving students a chance to graduate faster to join the workforce or ply their trade as entrepreneurs. Currently, the school network is offering a P10,000 tuition fee per trimester.
Students who are interested to take IT-based courses through this 100% online learning offering, they need to pre-register through the AMA Education System website, www.amaes.edu.ph. Once qualified, students can then enroll in Senior High School, and Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Business, Communication, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health Programs and Information Technology-based college courses.
To learn more about IT courses offered by AMAES, visit www.amaes.edu.ph.

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