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Editorial | Covering the pandemic

tuesday issue august 11, 2020

In this time of crisis, media continues to play a crucial role in providing current, relevant and reliable information for the public.

In line with its duty to build better communities through civic journalism, the Philippine Press Institute screened various stories on the current COVID-19 pandemic from its 70 member newspapers from different Philippine regions.

Out of the 30 stories (published in the months of May and June) that PPI vetted from publications across the archipelago, six were written by Mindanao Times journalists Jesse Pizarro Boga, Rhoda Grace Saron, and this writer, making it to the cut of stories included in the PPI’s “Project: COVID-19 CHRONICLES: Sharing Stories, Caring for Communities”.

The following Mindanao Times articles are as follows: “Productivity at Home” (Writing Detours, Jesse Pizarro Boga; “If There’s a Wheel, There’s a Way”, “Philippine Ecotourism in New Normal”, and “Mindanao Islands Prepare for Tourism in the New Normal (Wanderlust, Ian Ray Garcia); and “Over 20,000 Slots Remain for Education Aid Amid Pandemic” and “Container Vans Become Home for Air Force Staff” (Rhoda Grace Saron).

PPI’s “Project: COVID-19 CHRONICLES: Sharing Stories, Caring for Communities” aims to provide a platform for sharing community stories with the public while helping to underscore the “value of producing high-quality content and acknowledging the great lengths journalists go through in order to bring factual and up-to-date information to the public”.

The abovementioned stories can be accessed by the public in the PPI News Commons Website (http://ppinewscommons.net/category/covid-19-chronicles/).

Established in 1964, the PPI is regarded as the national association of Philippine newspapers, membered by both national and community news organizations, and with more than a thousand journalists under their collective umbrella. (Ian Ray Garcia)

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