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Honoring My Mother: In black and whitever

If ever there were other sentient beings out there in the cosmos who cared enough to study how we humans manage and interpret whatever is out lurking in the world, the present-day’s SMH shaking-my-head initialism or internet abbreviation would certainly be the most fitting description of their reaction.

For certain, rational thinking, with regard to how we explain the world or seek new knowledge, is complicated enough by itself, and no matter how chaotic some processes may appear to be, we always try to find any semblance of order in all our pursuits. That is just how we are made. Like bloodhounds, it is our human nature to pursue whatever we believe is hidden under any haystack. Problem is, individualistic as we are, we also see differently. This leads to divisiveness, which means being at odds with one another, either through person to person, country to country, or race to race. SMH again.

A consolation perhaps is, while puzzles and patterns may seem to go beyond our limit of comprehension at times, what we naturally suspect first is this: they have to have an explanation; because a mystery is only so, when it has not yet been revealed to us. As a counter however, this is evened out by our de-limiting propensity to colorize.

This facet of human perspective that relies heavily on our natural preoccupation with colors, is evident in practically all that we do. When we see clearly, we say it is seeing in black and white. Whenever there is doubt, we see a grey area. Out there, is always a kaleidoscope of emotive interpretations that we all seem to have a cupboard full of. It is always red with anger, green with envy, black for evil and white for pure, one might think, is this really imaginative thinking on our part, or nothing but a limiting cap that we fondly disguise as a unique trait?

From the get go as a child, one would be required to answer, yes or no? Black or white? And to answer “or” would occasionally merit an ear pinching. There is truth in that “or” however, because nothing can ever be plainly attributed to just black and white.

Technically, levels and hues exist inside the color black alone (or also inside the shade of white for that matter, from pure white to Barry). In the whole spectrum of colors, black and white are unceremoniously wedged poles apart, so that a rainbow divides them, and what does this imply?

In other ways, they be colloquial or otherwise, any problem can never be seen in B and W, because we know a multitude of factors make up such. Even solutions to the said problem can merit, and then require multi-varied equations. We know this. But the foolhardiness in us refuses to acknowledge it. All because nothing is simpler than black and white.

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