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Timesman: Generous people

IN this time of great uncertainty when everyone’s mind seemed focused on killer Covid-19, we discovered in our community lately that there are still rich and poor people alike who care and are generous despite that they too are also affected by the impact of the virus.
A neighbor sent me a bowl of macaroni salad the other day, and the next day, a plate of chocolate cake. For the third time in a row, a bowl of hot chopsuy for our lunch was also delivered.
Then a couple who never misses making the round in the subdivision as part of their daily physical activity, dropped a few pieces of avocado and durian in my place, a harvest from their farm in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, I was told.
Of course, this on-call-only doctor from Davao Doctors’ Hospital who always asks me, ‘kamusta ka ngayon, Sir?’ every time he passes by my house on his pick-up while answering an outside-call patient. (My house is at the main road of the subdivision with three phases where the only entrance and exit gates of cars and people are – LDT)
And there are more of them – kind, generous, and caring Samaritans in our area. Salamat po sa inyong lahat!
This hardworking woman in the subdivision that is also worth mentioning is a mother of three whose husband, a habal-habal rider, has lost his daily income because of the Covid-19. She works as a stayout kasambahay in one of many well-to-do families in our area, reporting daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday.
One late afternoon while relaxing under the shades of the three-year-old silver cotton tree planted in the newly renovated frontage landscape of my house (Our Boss commented: “Nice house, Loreto” when I posted it on Facebook) and enjoying the chirping of a pair of lovebirds inside a cage also under the tree and watching planes taking off and landing at the Davao International Airport (the commercial flights have resumed), this kasambahay approached me and handed 10 pieces of fresh bananas wrapped in company plastic. “Sir, saiyo na ito, bigay sa akin ng amo ko na may sagingan sa Panabo.”
I was surprised, a simple kasambahay and mother of three and a wife to a jobless husband, yet as generous and caring to others, like those of the rich people I mentioned above!
“Dalhin mo na lang yan, mas higit na kailangan ng pamilya mo yan kaysa sa akin.”
“Okay lang, Sir, bigay ko yan saiyo,” she insisted.
“Okay, tatanggapin ko yan, pero bibigyan kita ng P100 hindi bayad sa saging pero tulong ko sa inyo para ibili mo ng bigas para sa mga anak mo.”
She accepted my offer, maybe thinking of the welfare of her children and that ‘hindi naman bayad, kung hindi tulong ito ni Sir!’
In this time of great uncertainty, rich and poor should help and care for one another and together let’s fight the challenge the world’s health is facing now.
Huwag tayong tumulad sa iba na naghihintay lamang ng pagkakataon manloko ng kapwa! Stay safe and healthy, readers!
The death of high-profile convict Jaybee Sebastian at the New Bilibid Prison hospital in Muntinlupa on Friday of acute myocardial infarction related to Covid-19 and his body was not autopsied and was cremated the following day is for sure will fuel speculation that he was murdered or freed.
Sebastian was convicted of kidnapping and carjacking in 2009, and testified against then justice secretary Leila de Lima who allegedly received campaign fund from the illegal drug. De Lima is currently jailed.
The Justice Department is investigating reports of recent deaths of high-profile inmates at the NBP while Sen. Richard Gordon is looking at several theories at the real cause or causes of Sebastian’s death.
Is the leader of the Commando jailhouse gang and allegedly led the illegal drug in the Bilibid really dies of Covid-19? Or this is just a cover-up to let him escape? Questions Senator Gordon asked the public in a television interview the other day.
“Millyun-milyun halaga ng droga sa bilibid ang pinag-uusapan dito,” Gordon said without elaborating.
Nakapagtataka nga naman, if ever a celebrity like Sebastian died of Covid-19, news of having inflicted with the killer virus while still alive may already known to every household beforehand, but it is not.
We only knew his death when his ash already inside a glass box without the benefit of having his body autopsied to determine whether it’s him and no hokus pokus committed!
The Bucor officials have a lot of explaining on why existing protocols on Covid-19 victims are forgotten!

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