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Plain and simple: Kindness thrives

Little acts of kindness thrive in this time of Covid 19.

Life is hard, and fearsome. With the threat of this invisible foe, everyone it seems, cringes in fear.

It looks like the veerus hops on anyone without him or her knowing. If you have it then you will have it. And if your immune system is down, it will destroy your body.

So we were told. But not quite.

My good friend was infected with COVID-19 in his flat in California and he was rushed to the hospital. He was in coma for 13 days with no hope in sight. On the 13th day, Easter Sunday, he woke up. He considered it a miracle because he was able to fully celebrate Easter.

If he were not cured, death would have been quick. The doctors took really good care of him aided by state of the art medical facilities.
The veerus easily mutates in the body, the reason why the Department of Health asks us to diligently practice health protocols: washing of hands with soap and water; wearing masks and social distancing.

It is noticeable that there are some people today, after the enhanced community quarantine was relaxed to pave way for the modified general community quarantine, fail to wear masks. Wearing masks might feel uncomfortable as we are not used to wearing it in public, but this is not for one’s comfort but to protect us from contracting COVID-19 and keeping our family and community safe. We all must live, after all.

The government is imposing this measure of ECQ or MGCQ so that those who are immuno-compromised or who have co-morbidities such as diabetes or a victim of stroke, the elderly and the young people considered vulnerable, will be safe in the comfort of their homes.

Life is hard because we are all locked in our homes. This is what they call the new normal and we should learn to adjust to it. We have to look for new means to survive in a different world. Some resort to urban gardening and backyard farming for food sustainability in case the economy will further slide in the months to come.

The pandemic has opened our eyes to the reality that there are good things in life that we missed as we rushed each day before this happened. We discovered the joy of a slow paced life, its gentle cadence and long lazy walks.

While some complained of not receiving assistance from the government, many among us wanted to share what little we have in life.

Grateful people do not complain. They share their little resources to others in need.

I have seen families near my house share food to their neighbors in need. Such kindness is really worth highlighting and multiplying.

I remember a mentor who once told me it is in adversity that you really see kindness and generosity. It is in adversity that kindness thrives. But really, should we wait for hard times to be generous and kind?

It was hard in the first month of the lockdown. Our daily routine came to a halt. We had to be creative and innovative to adapt to the new normal: staying at home.

But we discovered that we have a family that we really did not bond so well in the past, we have books to read and so much cleaning and arranging to do at home. We have a backyard where we could grow veggies and flowers. We have each other.

While we miss people and friends due to the lockdown, we realize we have the gadgets to communicate to them. Now we know what these gadgets are for.

Then we begin to love silence and quiet.. We begin to write in our journals. We begin to appreciate it in so many ways.

As for me, I rediscovered my little sacred place underneath the aratiles tree with birds chirping, as I sit under the shade. Here, I read books and write my diary.

And I do gardening. Prepare the land. Grow seeds. Plant the veggies of different varieties. My hands are dirty but it gives me joy.

This is probably what they call resilience. In spite of this veerus we remain steadfast and hopeful.

God knows we can survive. We love living. And we know how. God makes it so.

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