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HONORING MY MOTHER: Seeking Inspiration

Oftentimes, the source from where all the good (things and thoughts included) springs from, also contains “flotsam” or undesirables which we simply just ignore and sweep indiscriminately to the sides. Thus, in itself that may be a good thing, especially if we factor in the present situation that we all find ourselves prisoners of. Being such, it also becomes the best option, because we desperately need all the good that we can get, hoarding it even, and if possible, ordering it all online.

However, like rains on your parade, undesirables are integral parts of reality, and like an opposite side of a coin, they pose for us the reactions that truly make us humans. As an observation, feelings of desperation, brought about by this encompassingly grim “new normal”, have elicited seemingly varied reactions that otherwise show levels of adaptability. Despite all these, do not be deceived. Even with people who have said that they have finally moved on, many are still actually breaking at the seams. And many in silence.

Among some of my professional acquaintances for instance, rants have become quite common, tell-tales all, along with quo vadis pleas to the heavens and slurred effs to the leaders, all these to the point of being boring and deafening to the ears. If this were a barometer enough, one could say that truly, this age of pandemic has indeed turned into a test of wits, with only the most level headed coming out as potential winners in the end. Question is, when will this pandemic really end? Better yet, how long will they last, and will we allow ourselves to be pulled in with the rest of those giving up?

Ironically, what it looks like at times, is looking for a needle in a haystack, with the proverbial needle as the good, and hidden inside a mountain of baleful negativity. To prove this, try to look at what is happening all over. It would seem that on all levels, bad had already overran good, no matter how positive thinking individuals insist on viewing it. As this appears to be so, everything, including what is in the future for all of us, becomes a simple question of perseverance then, justified clearly and openly by the prevailing attitudes of some that hint at “to each his own” and “survival of the fittest.”  What truly human traits indeed.

Then, while still on the subject of traits, hubris and utter idiocy may have all that it takes that will surely, er take the cake. The prolonged life of covid is deeply rooted to these two, nothing else. In the end, one cannot help but simply admire other people’s total commitment to them. More so, their specific standards of stupidity, welded firmly by a total lack of empathy for others including those related to them, are plain and simple, just beyond any comprehensive discourse.

In the end, let us just for a while, forget this venerable well from which all good and bad things come from, and take a most-needed breather. As trivia, would you believe that those so-called “good old days” were actually only a few months old?


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