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Crisis breeds innovations

A REPORT from GMA 7’s Regional News TV the other day said that the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) based in Cagayan de Oro City has already acquired a stock of Remdicever, the newly World Health Organization ( WHO)-authorized drug that is found to help hasten the cure of Corona Virus Disease (CoViD 19) infection. And as the hospital spokesman had disclosed, the stock is so far very limited in number. Thus, the drug would only be used when there are cases of CoViD infection that calls for the medicine’s administration.

We are certain that many other Davaoeño like us are wondering if our own Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) based in Davao City is going to make a similar announcement as that of the NMMC.

Such information will likely assuage the fear of Davaoeños that should anyone of them has the misfortune of getting seriously infected by the dreaded virus they’d end up giving their fate to God Almighty.

So, are we expecting such an announcement of the availability of the reported CoViD 19 drug from the SPMC soonest? Davaoeños, let’s keep our fingers crossed.


And here is another disturbing report.

Certain business establishments in Davao City are being complained of as making discriminatory action as a policy in securing their premises from the deadly virus now putting the economy of nations all over the world on its knees.

According to reports which have already reached the knowledge of feisty Davao City mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, not only the establishments concerned are checking their customers’ body temperature, they are also asking for the address of the customers. And if they are residents of areas identified by health authorities as high risk of the prevalence of the CoViD 19 they are refused entry.

The lady mayor immediately issued a warning to the concerned business shops in the city not to make such a ban on customers residing from areas with a reported substantial number of CoViD 19 cases.

We are one with the mayor in saying that such discriminatory moves will not solve the problem of possible contamination of the establishments of the virus. Instead, the management should strictly implement all the health protocols prescribed by the government in dealing with the virus spread.

Yes, these establishments should instead see to it that every customer coming into their premises is wearing a face mask the proper way, step on foot baths, have their hands sprayed with alcohol or other sanitizers, and of course observe social distancing.

And the establishments concerned should not only look at the compliance of their customers; they should also do what is necessary to make such compliance convenient.

In other words, the concerned establishments have certain responsibilities to follow to ensure that their customers will feel obligated to do their share in the fight against the unseen enemy.

According to a new song by Christian Bautista in collaboration with his Indonesian singer friend, “We are all in this together.”


Indeed crisis breeds innovations.

Such fate is very likely to happen to those who want to survive and ride through the crisis, even overcome its difficulties and gain something out of it. And such gain is not only in terms of difficult experiences but also in fortune – big or small.

We have observed this personally from accounts of people who suddenly lost their means of living when the CoViD 19 pandemic forced their employers to close shops or temporarily reduced the number of their employees.

We have heard of success stories of a husband and wife who both lost their work at the start of the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) all over the country and who shifted to buying and selling fish through delivery to make both ends meet. They have gained a substantial number of contented clients over the months that they are into the business. Today, they realize that they are even earning more than what they jointly get from out of their monthly salaries.

In Davao City we receive reports of brisk sales of baking equipment and supplies in stores selling such items. And many of those who possess baking skills who just tried to bake bread, cakes and pastries supposedly to while away boredom while complying with the “Stay Healthy, Stay Home” mandate by government while the CoViD 19 pandemic is still very much around, are now making their products articles of commerce through on-line.

Another hobby that is now converted into profitable business is ornamental plants cultivation. We have noted recently that many husband and wife tandems isolated at home together by the pandemic have helped each other plant ornamental species. First they bought the plants from the established commercial cultivators. They transplant them to their yards supposedly for their eyes’ appreciation only.

Suddenly passers-by make quick stops on their front yard and inquire whether this or that plant is for sale. Seeing this as a potential business opportunity, the lady of the house suddenly ended up egging her man to buy some more ornamental plants and help her pot them for better presentation to viewers.

So today, going into the 6th month of the pandemic, it is already common in houses along the roads in the city’s rural barangays displaying attractive plants that appeal to the senses of ornamental plants aficionados. And the more IT-savvy housewives and their men are now using FaceBook to sell their produce from a former personal hobby.

The key to all these is of course personal survival in this most serious crisis to have hit our planet – the CoViD 19 pandemic. And survive they surely will.

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