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TIMESMAN | Lockdown experience

AFTER almost three months, this corner was out of circulation when the TIMES ceased its print publication and focused on digital due to the coronavirus pandemic. When it resumed publishing on July 2, I decided to sit down again in front of my computer despite the problem of fading vision.

The first thing I did upon seeing the first copy of the paper after the hiatus, is to look at the names in the editorial box to verify whether the staff are still there.

Thank God, all the staff members (from publisher down) listed even before the start of the pandemic are safe and now back to work, except for Nancy Martinez of the sales department who passed away more than a year ago today. About time to erase Nancy’s name from the box and let her rest in peace (Already deleted from the staff box — ed).

Because of the worldwide pandemic, my daughter Tala from the US and her boyfriend Nathan have decided to cancel their annual vacation trip here because of the restrictions to travel imposed by our government as part of the effort to stem the spread of the virus.

Likewise, my namesake son, Jeckjeck, and his family from Canada may not also push through with their trip here this August for the same reason and the safety of the children.

My scheduled flight to the US last March 26 was also canceled at the last minute when Davao City and the rest of the country was put in a lockdown a week before my departure as no one was allowed to leave and enter the city. Nonetheless, I thank God for that flight cancellation as we all know that the US has the highest number of coronavirus infections and casualties all over the world.

The wedding of a couple in our subdivision on May 9 where I am supposed to be one of the ninongs was also rescheduled to another date.

I also skipped attending the burials of some family friends who died not of COVID-19 but of other illnesses to observe social distancing.

While many among us may start a new normal life, we warn everyone not to be complacent. Continue to practice a healthy habit of constant washing of hands and social distancing. Listen to our officials, stay safe always as the pandemic is still among us. Huwag kumpiyansa at matigas ang ulo.

Yes, the lockdown may almost bring the world to chaos and fear, but it may also have its positive effect as many among us learned the meaning of discipline by following orders from our leaders.

When we were told to stay at home to avoid getting infected and at the same time help stop in spreading the virus through social distancing, even doctors seemed to follow protocols and stopped entertaining calls from patients seeking medical consultations while hospital accommodations are restricted to Covid-19 patients.

That is why when my laboratory test during the early part of the quarantine period showed my blood sugar count rose to a critical level of 9.0 from the normal level of 5.9, I learned the meaning of self- medication at home.

First thing came to mind was to stop drinking beer and balanced diet, although kare-kare, kaldereta, calamares, crispy pata, prawn, adobo (chicken, pork, and beef) all 100 percent fatty foods were regular Food Panda delivery in the house courtesy of my daughter from abroad and ordered through online.

But God is really on my side as the self medication and balanced diet (if we call it a diet) worked favorably as the results of my blood sugar showed: From 9.0 on March 18, 2020, the count decreased to 7.09 on April 06 lab test; 7.5 on May 09; and to normal value of 5.3 on June 17. Meaning, I can go back to drinking anytime soon in my favorite watering hole. Cheers!

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