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Editorial | Learning, loving the city’s history

Yesterday, a virtual committee hearing on the ordinance requiring all public and private schools in all levels in Davao City to include in their curriculum the teaching of the history of the city, ended with much optimism that pride of place will be instilled in the next generation of leaders,

We can fully embrace our cultural diversity and uniqueness from other cities in the country if we know the struggles and triumphs that took place in the past.

Its declaration iterated that “every generation is duty-bound to protect, promote and be proud of its rich cultural and historical heritage. For the city to do such, we have to inculcate into the young the city’s history and heritage, and this should start in the classroom or through education. Only through the study of Davao City’s history, will the younger generation appreciate the sacrifices and the struggles of our early leaders or ancestors, who because of their indomitable spirit and determination earned Davao a rightful place in the sun.

“It is the policy of the City of Davao to promote character formation and wholesome personality development by requiring schools at the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels to inculcate patriotism and nationalism, foster love of humanity, respect for human rights, appreciation of the role of national heroes in the historical development of the country, teach the rights and duties of citizenship, strengthen ethical and spiritual values, and develop moral character and personal discipline. Thus, culture and tradition found in the history of the city will now be an integral part of the education system of the city.”
This matters to all of us.

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