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Honoring my Mother | Wise Men Say

Modern-day author Dave Hollis had written, “In the rush to return back to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

Hopefully, the four months of quarantine had taught us a thing or two about the importance of being hygienic. This had been because the coronavirus pandemic that unfortunately still rages around the world, has brought upon each of us a restrictive condition that demanded us to be such, “whether we like it…or else.”

For the few among us who have lived all their lives as naturally germophobic individuals, the strictly clean living condition demanded at combating the COVID-19 virus may have only been as natural as breathing.

For the rest however who think that such orientation is a gross overreaction, especially with quarantine restrictions now eased up considerably, their returning to their old ways of being less conscious, will be met with questionable reactions from many people.

Now, is that fortunate or unfortunate? The important question remains, will they be willing to accept the new norm, or will they ease up a bit and revert, now that the threat is, well, not so grave (or so they think)?

As it is, there are still pocket incidences of positive cases in the region and the country up till the present. Because of this, we should not let our guard down, despite the most recent reduction of quarantine regulations. It does not even hint that we return back to “normal”, whatever that may mean, under these revised settings.

Just as it will take a while for the dust to settle, to not throw cautions to the wind or to be unhurried in going out and “being normal” will be the wiser options for all. Rushing may have always been a predictable trait among many in the herd. In fact, this may have been the case during the second month of quarantine, when a mad rush had occured once the restrictions at the time were lowered a bit. Because of that, a second spike of contaminations had hit, the same as what had occurred in other countries.

Alas, cautious baby steps may still be required of everyone, regardless of need. The truth remains that the deathly threat has not yet passed, and only one rational option is given.

Heather Wallace, another writer had said just last April in Medium, “For the first time in modern human history we are not being asked to do, we are merely allowed to be. We have been given this space to feel, to heal. To assess our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.” Yoda,would also be in agreement, when he said, patience you must have, young padawan.

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