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Davao City shifts to MGCQ but restrictions still in place

Davao City has now shifted to Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) effective July 1 to 15, but the public can expect very few changes.

For instance, Mayor Sara Duterte said that the curfew, liquor ban, and the use of food and medicine pass will still be in effect.

“We still have an FM pass because there is still a quarantine,” she said over the Davao City Disaster Radio. “We can limit the movement of the public and comply with the quarantine through the FM pass.”

She cited Sec. 5 of the Inter-Agency Task Force guideline, which states that movement should be limited to accessing goods and services.

The People’s Park and museums, or any other government facility considered non-essential will remain closed.

However, Duterte said Roxas Night Market is closer to opening again although they still have to determine the final date.

On the opening business establishments during Sundays, she said: “We are not saying that you need to close down on Sunday but be reminded that on Sunday, the use of the FM pass is not allowed.”

“So practically, what we want on a Sunday is the people should stay in their homes,” she added.

Meanwhile, the city government issued on Wednesday a Quick Guide For MGCQ.

Facemask – Wear mask in all public places. Cover nose and mouth. Stay away 2 meters from other people.

Quarantine – Yes, movement for work, food, medicine, hospital or emergency only

Travel – Going to Davao City for returning resident, or for work and business only. Dabawenyos going out of Davao City is discouraged except only when very necessary.

Tourism – Not allowed

Curfew – 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Liquor Ban – 24-hour liquor ban subject to review on July 15

Bars, Karaoke and other entertainment venues – allowed up to 25 percent of the venue/room capacity, with strict disinfection every after customer use. Face mask should never be removed unless to eat or drink only. Liquor ban and curfew in effect.

Movement – No leisure, entertainment, amusement activities.

Special Sector – Below 21 years old, 60 years old and above, with immunodeficiency and co-morbidities, other health risk, pregnant women must remain in residence BUT can go out for work, food, medicine, hospital, emergency, exercise

Non-Contact Sports and Exercise – Monday to Saturday within subdivision or barangay only, when applicable. All are not allowed on Sundays.

School – Kindergarten to Senior Highschool – No face to face classroom instruction or examinations.

Higher Education Institutions – No face to face classroom instruction. Can go to school for examinations but must not be more than 50% capacity of the venue/classroom

TechVoch and other short courses – No face to face classroom instruction. Can go to training center for examinations but must not be more than 50% capacity of the venue/classroom

Hotels, Beach resorts and other similar establishments- Allowed for accommodation only, no leisure, entertainment or amusement.

Restaurants, Other food establishments, Salons and Barbershop – allowed up to 50% capacity

Pisonet, Internet Cafe – allowed up to 50% seating capacity of the area.

Fitness gyms and all other establishments – allowed up to 50 percent of venue capacity.

Spa and Massage – No hand, face or neck massage or facial. Face masks should never be removed. Face shield mandatory for employees/therapist during treatment.

Religious Ceremony – allowed up to 50% capacity. Weddings, Baptism, other Religious ceremonies are for family members only, up to a maximum of 25 persons.

Mass Gathering – allowed for Government or Business only, up to 50% of the seating capacity of venue. No national or international events, leisure, amusement or entertainment events allowed.

Wake and Burial – for family members only

Reminders to Offices and Establishments:

1) Wear a face mask all the time.
2) ALL individuals must be at least 2 meters away from each other.
3) Handwashing facility mandatory. Alcohol must be available.
4) Regular Disinfection.
5) Employees who are unwell should not be forced to report to work. In-house or a referral doctor can issue a medical certificate.

Duterte said it is in the interest of the business establishment to make sure that infection does not occur within the premises. “We want to limit the opportunity for the virus to spread,” she said. “That is the reason for the quarantine.”

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