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Honoring my Mother | Welcome distractions, unwelcome annoyances

If ever, in this year of Covid19, one were to come out with a child’s game that identified whatever opposites were out there, then the list that would be generated just might come out as very long. This game or exercise, intended to shoo away the boredom of being stuck in one’s own lockdown prison, could then aptly join other already-existing alternate remedies that have surfaced, and have been employed since the start of the quarantine. For the sake of everyone’s mental health, I might add.

First opposites on the microscopic plate? The people who, during the four months of the lockdown, have religiously practiced social distancing, as against those who just seemed to ignore the dangers of the pandemic, just to do what they please. This resulted in more positive covid cases and possibly death. There is the case of Cebu.

While frontline medical personnel everywhere have tried their darndest best to contain the virus on a daily basis, at the risk of their lives, and separation from their loved ones and families, there were those who have apparently seemed oblivious to their sacrifice. There is the case of Cebu.

While some local governments have gone at great lengths to formulate quarantine measures aimed at flattening the viral curve in their areas of responsibility, some had sadly dilly-dallied through the whole lockdown processes, instilled local medicinal remedies, and even opened up, thus encouraging more people to ignore social distancing protocols, as in attendance to fiestas and other activities. There is the case of Cebu.

All these beyond annoying, all within the realm of sheer irresponsibility and utter idiocy. In the whole four months of lockdown, I have chatted with some friends from the frontlines, and I have noticed a dip, if not a total loss, in the good-old humor and charms that have been trademarks of our youth and school days.

Could it be that either everyone had gone old naturally, or is this paleness the accelerated results of the pandemic and the demeanor by which some of those they have sworn to heal are stubbornly pursuing? Again, all these have suddenly become beyond annoying.

Scrapping this game of opposites.

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