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DCPO probes ‘mauling’ involving police captain

A high-ranking officer ordered a deeper investigation into the report involving a cop who allegedly mauled a member of the city-paid police auxiliary force.

Col. John Kirby Kraft, Davao City Police Office director, said they received information that the alleged victim went to the National Bureau of Investigation to submit his complaint.

“But as far as the DCPO is concerned, he had filed no affidavit of statement with us,” Kraft said. “So, we have no information on him and his complaint.”

According to the information gathered by TIMES, the complainant was assigned at the Sasa Police Station while the police officer is detailed in the Special Operations Group. Both names are withheld by TIMES for their own protection.

However, he revealed that the police auxiliary was a “person of interest in a shooting incident in Sasa that killed a seaman.”

He said the man was seen on CCTV near the place of the incident. When he was invited for questioning, his recollection of the events did not match what was seen on video.

“And his description matched the description of the witness so that was why he became a person of interest,” Kraft said.

He went to the Sasa Police Station for questioning in relation to the killing. Kraft said that after the investigation, the police auxiliary then claimed that he was mauled inside the station and forced to admit to the crime he did not commit.

“From what I know, if you are mauled, you would exhibit multiple bruises so that is why I am not sure if he was roughed up or only punched. Until he submits an affidavit, we do not have a clear picture,” he added.

The police director said that they told the alleged victim to file a complaint so they could take action based on his statements.

“The affidavit is our basis because if he only reports to the media or other people, we are left with third-hand information,” he said. “That is why it is difficult to say that he was mauled or not because he did not say anything to our investigator.”

Nevertheless, he assured that the DCPO is taking the matter seriously and has initiated an investigation even without receiving a formal complaint from the alleged victim.

“As what you can see … there are DCPO personnel detained and arrested for violating the law, so it’s just proof that if you violated the law, you will be arrested,” he said.

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