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Editorial | Laughter heals

We pored through some of the books written by Davaoenos and came across “The Amazing World of Laughter and its Super Healing Power” written by Espie Chinel Aparis, one of our former columnists. The book reminds us of the healing power of laughter, not only for the soul but for our blood pressure, as well. In this time of anxiety, this book is surely a good weekend read.

The book tells us that despite the turmoil we face, we can heal ourselves with a smile, chuckle or full blown laughter. She says “everytime we laugh, it’s like taking a miracle pill for our health and well-being. It’s a sure way of releasing stress because it makes us feel good and boosts the level of endorphin, the feel-good body hormone which combats stress. Laughter is important as a biological means of healing and controlling pressure and tensions. As we laugh, we release anxiety and frustration.”
But laughter should also be tempered by prudence lest we hurt other people’s feelings. She has a few tips to make laughter beneficial to all:

“Because we want others to feel that we are laughing with and not at them, here are some suggestions for using humor safely with people. Use humor: after another person uses humor with you; when the situation is socially ‘appropriate’ – humor at a party will be experienced differently than humor at a funeral; aimed at yourself (as opposed to humor aimed at another person); to poke fun at a situation rather at another person or group of persons.”

Aparis said laughter does not only have medicinal value “it is a fantastic boost to our spirit. It softens life’s hard and sharp borders; redirect our thoughts to the funny, amusing and lighter side of life, and see things hopeful and not stressfully at all.

Laughter bonds people and also attracts people to us. Anyone who generates laughter is more likeable and popular, more successful; and younger looking. Wherever a laughing person goes, he will surely get a positive nod from everyone.”

Laughter is free. And Filipinos are very good at finding humor in whatever situation.

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