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Councilor thanks UM for staying tuition fee

A lawmaker passed a resolution thanking the University of Mindanao to defer increasing its tuition fees and even cutting the miscellaneous fees by 43% for the school year 2020-2021 on humanitarian grounds.

Councilor Pilar Braga, chair of the committee on education, said that, along with the other schools in the region, UM was not immune to the devastating effects of COVID-19. However, instead of adding burden to parents and students, the school has announced that it will not be increasing its fees this coming school year in August.

“University of Mindanao has seen the conditions of families and students in the city and the entire country, and within its goals of democratizing access to education, it has chosen to make this timely and generous decision not to increase its tuition fee to help or assist in the plight of families affected economically by the pandemic, thereby serving as an example worthy of its emulation,” the resolution reads.

The University of Mindanao has an aggregate student population of 44,000 in 13 campuses in Southern Mindanao.

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