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Editorial | Towards a safer space for bikers

Navigating the city’s streets using a bike is not as easy as it seems. This was experienced firsthand by two councilors who pedalled through the 10-kilometer proposed bike lanes yesterday, and were on the receiving end of road-bullies, feeling unsafe all throughout their trip.

Councilors Ma. Belen Acosta and Mary Joselle Villafuerte said this experience strengthened their resolve to advocate for bicycle lanes and increase awareness on the importance of bicycle use in the city. This could be the push needed for bikers to finally secure a space on the road as well as encourage more to use bicycles as the mode of transportation.

Councilor Acosta was quoted as saying that “most cars and jeeps would just load, unload, park, swerve without consideration to bikers. We have to level up the public’s awareness about shared roads with bikers. Streets and signs have to be improved. Traffic enforcers should be strict about apprehending violations on illegal loading and unloading.” (see related story on page 2)

Mayor Sara Duterte signed Executive Order No. 40, series of 2020, to encourage bicycle use among Davaoeño after the Department of Interior and Local Government released the guideline for all local governments to implement bike lanes in the time of the pandemic.

Hopefully, this could be the beginning of a better traffic situation in the city and a friendly space for bikers on the road.

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