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Editorial | Food security, biogas and biofuel

Searching for alternatives to the crises we face has become one of the most frequent discussions when people get together.

Yesterday, we had a very illuminating conversation with an entrepreneur who has ventured in biogas as an alternative source of power. She said six months into the project, she has reduced her power consumption, the livestock and poultry are thriving with the better environment and the community has benefited, as well.

There is a need for the agriculture sector to really explore biogas not only to lessen their production cost but also as a way to help curb climate change. The agriculture sector is facing such a big challenge as it grapples with the food security issue compounded with the entrance of biofuels into the picture.

The world is now looking on how to reduce fossil fuel usage and biofuels is seen as an alternative. But there are sectors that fear that land which will be planted to Jathropa will result to less land planted to grains and other crops. Already, we are feeling the crunch of the crisis in rice and other grains.

We are in a difficult situation especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic. With the increasing population, we have to decide whether we have to convert our land for energy or for food. Agricultural production does not seem to meet the growing demand for food across the country. In the 1950s, the country was looking at increasing government subsidy for agriculture to be self-sufficient but 50 years after, we are still mired in the same dilemma.

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