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Honoring my Mother | Whistling in the dark

With more than half of our world still in a veritable ‘pause’ mode and a steadily- growing fraction rallying against it, it is safe to infer that the overall struggle to cope with COVID-19 has become more difficult with each day. As it is, this growing tide, getting impatient and wanting to return to normal (whatever that is, when one considers the new situation), has gotten enough gall to break quarantine and endanger everyone because of the support by world leaders who favor economy over lives.

For those healthy and safely at home, the quest to develop a pattern against the monotony posed by forced isolation and quarantine, may be quite challenging; but insofar as solutions are concerned, the stay-home directive has so far been the best option yet.

Also, at least this boredom in confinement has largely been attributed to, and considered as the natural sentiment among, idle students and millennials, as reported during the early days of quarantine.

However, these pale in comparison to those of the working class. The demands to them, maintaining an income with which to procure the essential provisions like food and medicines, while still being careful enough to remain healthy, and then contending with other related difficulties posed by the virus and the lockdown, all these are part of the daily trials.

Meanwhile, as we are about to enter the fourth month of quarantine, one is naturally inclined to ask, what has happened so far?

For one thing, I remember that there used to be a day-by-day account of positive COVID-19 cases available online. Along with this came detailed reports on number of recovered patients, and also mortality rates. Then lately, the accuracy of these had become an issue (esp with statistical data on the national level) mainly because of updating concerns. With accuracy and timeliness of data needed by an apprehensive populace, where are we now really, in our battle with the Coronavirus? Unless this is cleared, the restlessness, though political to some and economically driven for most, will undoubtedly worsen.

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