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Señor Moments | The anti-terrorism bill

Authored in the Senate by Ping Lacson and Ruffy Biazon in the Lower House, this bill was overwhelmingly passed by Congress – and is now being sent to PRRD for his signature – to approve or to veto (if not signed within 14 days).

However, now – and why only now? – the dark clouds of discord, dissent – and outright demonstrations are now on our horizon. And the FAR left (Bayan, NDF, NPA, Communists), the left-leaning politicians (Zarate, Colmenares) the CHR (Diokno, de Guia) and the Catholics (CBCP, the Religious groups, La Sallites, Jesuits, BCBP), and many social media netizens are joining the clamor for PRRD to VETO this Bill – which ! don’t think he will, since he practically proposed it as urgent.

I believe what is needed now is for congress (principally Lacson – if he wants to be endorsed in 2022) to explain in key points more importantly the safeguards in this Bill (which is almost 50 pages long!!) this might assuage the Middle-of-the-Road groups that this Bill – a stronger version of the National Security Act – will not violate the fundamental precepts of Human Rights and Freedom of Speech guaranteed by our Constitution.

Here are some of the comments about this Bill from my FB post.

FB POST: What do you think about the anti-terrorism bill, soon to be a law?

Here are the comments from fellow netizens:

“Laws have to be crafted attuned to the times. And this is the time!”

“This bill was needed yesterday. Enough of the terror movement that sustains the irrational dogma of few. Enforce with extreme prejudice, I say.”

“Let them express their views freely. My two cents. Everyone is entitled to that at least. I think, give us the right to bear arms against those who threaten our freedom, justice and liberty of which our forefathers have laid their lives for it. A free country, God’s righteousness must may may only prevail. Not men!”

“Long delayed”

“This is the subject of demonstrations by Leftists, the Human Rights Advocates and the Catholic Church. Congress has approved this and scheduled to.send this to PRRD for approval or veto.”

“What disturbs me about this is that Congress is spending more time grandstanding on free national TV and the ABS franchise – than informing the public about this Bill.!!!”

“Is our country becoming a province of China now?” is the question among many netizens now and readers of national news publications like Manila Times. There was the recent column of Lito Lorenzana on the “Chinafication” of the PH which was posted on FB. Then, last week there was an article written by “JOE AM” about China peeling our country like a “Cabbage.”

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