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Honoring my mother | Embracing vulnerability, etc.

The weekend had me reading tons online and that activity had left me with a monday morning headache. I must have gone through several how-tos or DIYs during the early part of the day, after which these had me moving on to a few inspirational choo-choo here and there, until finally nesting on the usual social media fare.

Not that I intended to do some home improvement, mind you, but I was only checking how close I would get from their prescribed process in case I ever did try one of those easy-to-do hacks. A little self-check couldn’t hurt, to put me in place. As it is, I have already done just about anything in the house except repainting it.

As for the inspirationals, I figured they were more to my liking, as compared to the amen-y kind, so that, I am at the moment leaving these to those who fancy them, old classmates included. Respect.

One thing that remained with me though in these feel-good essays, I happened to read about and be immensely impressed with the resilience of certain people, mothers to be exact, during these times of C19. With today’s dangers and the accompanying struggles brought about by the quarantine, National Geographic’s coverage of animal mothers caring for and protecting their young, might as well also feature, if not highlight, the human counterparts in their next issue as well.

True enough, I happen to know many mothers who face today’s uncertainties like a boss. Some of these amazonas even seem to possess that distinct quality made popular by the late Kobe, his mamba (or in their case, mom-ba) mentality.

In case some may still not know it, the so-called Mamba Mentality was coined by the basketball star to describe his own philosophy, which simply meant getting better each day at whatever you’re doing, especially with odds stacked against you. This may begin to sound like a belated mother’s day tribute, but I really was reminded of that, as I read along. Hoping for the future while grasping at straws? One only has to look around and pore through countless testimonies of mothers, some on the frontlines as nurses, who manage so well taking care of kids, and keeping a tighter rein to keep them safe, despite covid.

Last among the feel-goodies that I read, had covered how to face the realities of a new norm by soliciting everyone’s cooperation. One can’t just simply go gaga, crack up, and take the world with you. Facing the harsh reality, especially during these times, needs someone else’s presence too. The most important thing there tackled facing that fact that we are all mortals, ergo vulnerable. Sadly, while that description may have been solely relegated to referring to old people and children, the truth is, all of us are, indeed, very vulnerable. The earlier we accept it, and embrace the fact that we cannot deal with today on our own, is a vital second step.

Lastly, realizing that that had been so much semi-serious reading, the lure and respite of the anything-goes vibe on social media is very much welcome. The attitude of McEnroe, you cannot be serious, should actually be your mantra while here. Paste your tongue firmly in your cheek as you pore through the mems of the day, and the rants of people living in the spectrum. For what it’s worth, it has some pretty good music reviews too, and I’ll leave it at that for the moment. As one friend, Graeme, used to say, there’s no more moral in this story. So, the old man needs his rest.

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