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Rough Cuts | Comparing two generations

For the almost three months since the onset of the pandemic CoViD 19, almost one hundred percent of our columns had for its subject issues related to the health emergency.

If at all there were issues we had taken up outside of the CoViD as a subject, these were mostly in our Sunday’s Rough Cuts. And rightly so because Rough Cuts Sunday is our vehicle in sharing the Word of God to our fellow faithful.

This day however, we will make it different for our readers. Instead of CoViD 19 and what the government and people are doing to avert the possibility of the further spread of the deadly disease, we will instead share with a FaceBook post sent to us by a younger sister of ours.

Our younger sister Mimie appended the post with a message that may be for people like us who are in our senior years and strictly discouraged to go out from home under the quarantine regime, reading may allow us to forget the boredom of keeping ourselves home 24/7.

She added that the message contained in the post may just be the unexpected antidote to the feeling of isolation. It may also drive away whatever bad vibes being experienced since the start of the quarantine.

Upon reading our sister’s shared post we knew she was right in her assumption. This is what my younger sister Mimie shared with us.

Captioned “Ako, Ikaw, Tayo…Panahon Natin Ito. We belong to Da Best Era,” the post is about “The Baby Boomer Era vs. The Millennial Era.” The scenario is a conversation between a youngster and his grandfather.

The youngster asks his grandpa, “How did you people live before with:

No technology, no airplanes, no internet, no computers, no dramas, no TVs, no aircons, no cars and no mobile phones?”

The grand dad replied without any sign of hesitation by saying, “Just like how your generation lives today.

No prayers, no compassion, no honor, no respect, no character, no shame, no modesty.”

We, the people born between the years 1940-1970 are the blessed ones… Our life is living proof.

While playing and riding bicycles, we never wore helmets. After school, we played until dusk; we never watched TV.

We played with real friends, not internet friends. If we ever felt thirsty, we drank tap water not bottled water.

We never got ill sharing the same glass of juice with four friends. We never gained weight eating plates of rice every day.

Nothing happened to our feet despite roaming around barefoot. We never used any supplements to keep ourselves healthy. We used to create our own toys and play with those.

Our parents were not rich; they gave love… not worldly materials.

We never had cellphones, DVDs, play station, Xbox, video games, personal computers, internet, chat – but we had real friends.

We visited our friend’s home uninvited and enjoyed food with them. Relatives lived close by so family time was enjoyed.

We may have been in black and white photos but you can find colorful memories in those photos.

We are a unique and most understanding generation, because ‘we are the last generation who listened to their parents’ and also the first who have had to listen to their children.

Yes, we are a LIMITED edition! Enjoy us! Learn from us! Treasure us!

Well now, how do you feel dear readers? Was reading this generational disconnect able to let you set aside, even if temporarily, your fears on CoViD?

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