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Charges filed: 2,607 individuals face penalties for violating quarantine

The Davao City Police Office has filed 2,607 cases against quarantine violators from March 15 to May 31.

Col. Kirby John Kraft, city police director, told TIMES that since the start of the lockdown, they already apprehended a total of 3,255 individuals for various violations.

However, some of them were turned over to their parents without charges because they were underage. The others had valid reasons, which allowed them to evade charges.

He said that 1,200 were arrested for violating the curfew; 247 for liquor ban; 167 for social distancing or mass gathering, 42 for not wearing face masks, and 1,599 for abusing the food and medicine passes.

Below is the breakdown of the apprehensions during the community quarantine from March 15 to April 3, 2020:

– Curfew – 227
– Liquor Ban – 76
– Face Masks – 1
– Social Distancing/Mass Gathering – 5
– FM Pass – 0

Total = 309
Cases Filed – 90

For the enhanced community quarantine, which lasted 41 days from April 4 to May 15, the breakdown is as follows:

– Curfew – 871
– Liquor Ban – 108
– Face Masks – 38
– Social Distancing/Mass Gathering – 112
– FM Pass – 1,333

Total = 2,462
Cases Filed – 1,028

During, the 15-day general community quarantine from May 16 to May 31, the police recorded the following apprehensions:

– Curfew – 102
– Liquor Ban – 63
– Face Masks – 3
– Social Distancing/Mass Gathering – 50
– FM Pass – 266

Total = 484
Cases Filed – 182

Meanwhile, Kraft said they also arrested 40 people and filed 15 cases after launching 15 operations against hoarding, overpricing, and profiteering.

They confiscated 3,191 liters of alcohol, 50 pieces of face masks, eight boxes of surgical gloves, 88 pieces of the infrared thermal scanner; 1,405 bottles of disinfectant/ liquid soap, 26 sacks of calamansi, 40 sacks of rice, and 77 kilos of vegetables.

The City Council already passed the ordinance that imposed fines on both the liquor ban and curfew violation.

For the curfew, the violator will pay a fine of P3,000 for the first offense and P5,000 or imprisonment of not more than a year for succeeding offenses. “Provided, that if the offender is a minor, the laws and regulations of the Philippines concerning minors shall apply, but the parent or guardian of such minor shall pay the above fine,” it said.

Violators of the liquor ban will face a fine of P3,000 for the first offense and P5,000 or imprisonment of not more than a year for succeeding offenses.

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