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Without a cure, or a vaccine – I’m playing safe and staying home. I’ll go out for emergencies – 3 times a week only, I don’t think we really know where we are on the CV “curve”. Because of lack of testing, lack of contact tracers, and lack of quarantine facilities.

Balik probinsya
If implemented well – and much (better than the prior administrations’ luke-warm attempts resulting in worse congestion in Metro Manila)- could be PRRD’s main legacy. This could lead to developing the provinces – the start of real “federalism” and a better life for returning promdis. There is a BP website for applicants who undergo a series of stringent checks. After the website opened, in one week over 60 thousand families and individuals applied. Of these, the first wave went back to Leyte and Samar. There are 400 industrial estates outside Metro Manila that have 1.5 MILLION jobs available today which if filled will greatly reduce the congestion in the NCR. Congestion causes problems with traffic and with the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to “INDUSTRIAL” estates, we should start “AGRICULTURAL estates” and “FISHERIES” estates.

Food and drinking water
In lengthy lock downs, it is essential that each family is SELF-RELIANT to survive. For example, if the “big one” earthquake happens during a pandemic it’s probable that there will be wide-spread fires around the city; it’s possib;e that the water pipes- or even the DCWD pumps and building – will be heavily damaged; and all the markets are closed.

We suggest that each home install RAIN-COLLECTING TANKS (per the city ordinance) and start a VEGETABLE GARDEN plus 1 dwarf Coconut tree.

Violent riots in the US
Because of a white policeman killing a helpless black man in Minneapolis, there are protest riots in many cities today. Very sad and scary for our relatives and friends living in the States.

Due to the proliferation of guns among the citizenry (“…the right to bear arms”, 2ND U.S. Constitutional Amendment) these riots could turn into mass killing areas, like those that happened in U.S. schools.

PAL resuming flights on June 8
Good news for many. But I’ll stay home until it’s safe. Better safe, than sorry. Amd “sorry” is dead.

Surviving Covid
A sound mind and a sound body. Easy – a “sound” mind means: “Don’t worry. Be happy!”, and a sound body means strengthening one’s IMMUNE system – 8+ hours sleep, Vitamin C, the right nutrition – and exercise (walking, jogging).

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